MPS Head Cover
MPS Head Cover
MPS Head Cover
MPS Head Cover
MPS Head Cover
MPS Head Cover
MPS Head Cover

MPS Head Cover

The Head Cover from Medical Pet Shirt is a comfortable solution for dogs that need protection for their head or ears. The Head Cover Pads can be placed in specially designed pockets that are inside the Head Cover and give even more comfort to the ears of your furry friend.

MPS Head Cover - S + 1 Head Cover Pad
  • MPS Head Cover - XS + 1 Head Cover Pad


  • MPS Head Cover - S + 1 Head Cover Pad


  • MPS Head Cover - M + 1 Head Cover Pad


  • MPS Head Cover - L + 1 Head Cover Pad


  • MPS Head Cover - XL + 1 Head Cover Pad


  • Accessories
  • MPS Head Cover Pads - Small - 2 pads


  • VMPS Head Cover Pads - Medium - 2 pads


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Product Description

MPS Head Cover

The Head Cover from Medical Pet Shirt is a comfortable solution if your dog is in need for protection for the head and/or ears. This can come in handy after surgery, when your pet is wounded or when it is effected by a bloody ear (Aural Haematomas). The Head Cover can also serve as additional protection for bandage against the ears or head. Available in a denim blue colour and various sizes.

The Head Cover can be paired with the MPS Head Cover Pads. These pads can be placed in the specially designed pockets inside the MPS Head Cover. The MPS Head Cover comes with 1 Cover Pad and can be ordered separately in a pack of two.

Key Features

  • Provides additional support and protection against head and ear wounds
  • Protects bandages and can help to prevent redoing of bandages
  • Provides comfort, mobility and less tension compared to a regular collar
  • Good alternative for a full head and/or ear bandage
  • Has internal flexible ribs to prevent sagging
  • The Head Cover fits well and gives full protection around the head
  • Adjustable in head circumference and neck circumference for the perfect fit
  • Pockets in the inside are ideal for your dog's ears or for soft Head Cover Pads
  • Pockets can prevent wound fluids and ointments from sticking to your dog's fur
  • Washable at 30 degrees Celsius and re-usable

Sizes MPS Head Cover

SizeHead circumferenceNeck circumferenceLength head to collar
XS30 - 36cm / 11.8" - 14.1"32 - 46cm / 12.6" - 18.1"17 - 24cm / 6.7" - 9.4"
S32 - 40cm / 12.6" - 15.7"38 - 50cm / 15.0" - 19.7"19 - 28cm / 7.5" - 11.0"
M38 - 46cm / 14.9" - 18.1"38 - 54cm / 15.0" - 21.2"21 - 32cm / 8.3" - 12.5"
L38 - 50cm / 14.9" - 19.7"42 - 62cm / 16.5" - 24.4"21 - 33cm / 8.3" - 12.9"
XL42 - 54cm / 16.5" - 21.3"46 - 66cm / 18.1" - 25.9"21 - 34cm / 8.3" - 13.3"

Please note that the MPS Head Cover runs large. The information leaflet shows how head circumference, neck circumference and length from head to collar can be measured.

Size MPS Head Cover Pads

The Head Cover Pads are sold separately and are supplied in a pack of two. These pads are available in two different sizes:

  • Size Small: suitable for Head Cover size XS, S and M
  • Size Large: suitable for Head Cover size L and XL


Denim blue


The MPS Head Cover is sold per united and the MPS Head Cover Pads are sold in a pack of 2 pads.

What if the MPS Head Cover does not fit?

The MPS Head Cover can be removed from the packaging and held up next to the dog in order to check whether the head cover fits. For hygiene reasons, the head cover cannot be returned if it has come into contact with the dog. If we find that the returned head cover is stained, worn, contains animal hair, smells or has been washed after use, we cannot return the product to you. In this event, it will be donated to a charity (local shelter). As we are often confronted with MPS Head Cover that are returned in a less than new condition, we have to apply these rules for fitting and/or returning products.

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Write a Review
MPs head cover
By , 03 August 2020

I was recommended to purchase the MPs head cover by our vet following our old Retriever getting a ‘cauliflower ear’. My only negative observation was that it seemed very big even though we measured his head as described. It often covered his eyes and didn’t fit as snuggly as the picture. It certainly helped but we didn’t use it as long as maybe we would have because he got so frustrated with it, not being able to see. The puppy also decided he didn’t like it and became expert at removing it from our old boy....brothers in arms I think.....

It works!!!
By , 06 July 2020

I bought this for my Saluki x Greyhound. She had lots of little cuts on the tops of her ears and a cut on the bottoms of her ears from running though the woods. The cuts weren't getting chance to heal going for a walk every day and her shaking her head reopening the cuts. (Covering my walls in blood splatters). The MPS Head Cover is brilliant everything is almost healed. She won't wear it in the house, just for walks so taken a little longer but still worked. She long a long nose but I bought a XS for her going on other reviews that it comes up big. I have to rearrange it a few times when she is wearing it but overall I would recommend it!

Hat for hydrotherapy
By , 13 June 2020

The product lived up to expectation Arrived promptly Fitted our XL Dogue De Bordeaux’s head And good quality It works as now when in the pool covers his ears so no shaking Recommended for Large breeeds

MPS Head Cover
By , 14 February 2020

Arrived quickly and is well made. Would definitely work well if it fitted. I bought it for my mini dachshund and we knew when we bought it that it was unlikely to fit. She has a split ear which we can’t get to heal as she keeps shaking her head. It does it’s job, although she can’t see and is pretty miserable about wearing it! Could do with an extra extra small size for tiny sausages!

Innovative product
By , 24 December 2019

Excellent idea and within a week of using it to protect my dogs ears from rain and cold her vascullutis is almost healed. The sizing is way out though. Having read others comments I ordered small for a dalmation and still put it on the tightest fastenings to prevent her being able to shake or paw it off her head. All in all I’m very pleased I got it.

By , 11 December 2019

The MPS HEAD COVER replaced both bandage and cone while my dogs ear healed. It took a long time to heal and the cover made her much more comfortable. My Vet was impressed to. The only problem I had was she pulled it over her eyes a couple of times but she is a small Luther and has a slim head, we got the adjustment right and she got used to wearing it. I would recommend this cover.

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