Orijen Dog Food

Orijen Dog Food

Orijen food for dogs

Orijen is one of the more popular brands of the company Cat & Dog Petfoods. Dogs and cats are natural carnivores, biologically adapted to thrive on a diet with varied in fresh meat and fresh fish, supplemented with vegetables, fruits and grasses. Orijen has responded to this requirement by bringing Orijen Whole Prey onto the market in 2013. In contrast to the regular Orijen food, Whole Prey contains fresh ingredients, such as edible bones, chicken cartilage and bone marrow. In addition, Whole Prey also contains organ meat, such as chicken hearts, chicken liver, lamb liver and green tripe. Orijen dog food is made with 80% meat, 20% fruits and vegetables and do not contain any cereals. Vetsend offers the complete range of Orijen Whole Prey and Orijen Freeze Dried.

Orijen's dog food with plenty of fresh ingredients

Unlike Orijen's standard range, Whole Prey contains fresh ingredients, edible bone, chicken cartilage and bone marrow. Whole Prey also contains fresh offal, such as chicken hearts, chicken liver, lamb liver and green tripe. Orijen dog food products are made of 80% meat, 20% fruit, vegetables and no grains. Vetsend offers a wide range of this delicious dog food. A popular diet among the Whole Prey range is Orijen Adult Dog Whole Prey. This tasty food is 100% natural and contains a combination of fresh meat, fresh fish and a small amount of vegetables. This carnivorous dog food is full of healthy nutrients. This diet tries to mimic the natural diet of dogs, as dogs are carnivores by nature.

Freeze-dried dog food from Orijen

In addition to Whole Prey, Orijen dog food offers a broad range of freeze-dried food and treats. The ingredients of this Freeze-Dried food are frozen for eighteen hours. During this process, freezer temperatures go down to -50°C. This process involves freezing the ingredients and evaporating the water from them without losing any important nutrients. Vetsend has a number of products from this collection in its product range. Orijen Dog Treats Freeze Dried Whole Prey are delicious rewards for your dog when training. These treats are available in 9 different flavours. The freezing process has made it last longer, without losing important nutrients. Another popular freeze dried diet from Orijen is Orijen Freeze Dried Tundra. This natural food contains venison, bison and elk meat.

The key features Orijen provides

Orijen's dog food has plenty of health benefits for your dog. Below are listed four important factors.

  • Fresh ingredients
  • Rich in proteins and natural nutrients
  • Low in calories and carbohydrates
  • Does not contain cereals