Panacur  for Cats & Dogs
Panacur  for Cats & Dogs
Panacur  for Cats & Dogs
Panacur  for Cats & Dogs
Panacur  for Cats & Dogs
Panacur  for Cats & Dogs

Panacur for Cats & Dogs

Unfortunately, Panacur for Cats & Dogs is not for sale anymore. Please have a look at our entire wormers range for alternatives.

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Product Description

Panacur Tablets

The tablets can be administered directly orally, mixed with food or dissolved in drinking water.


  • Panacur Tablets KH 250: 1 tablet per 5kg body weight for 3 days
  • Panacur Tablets KH 500: 1 tablet per 10kg body weight for 3 days

Panacur PetPaste

Panacur PetPaste can be administered directly after feeding by squeezing the paste onto the back of the tongue using the syringe. The paste may also be mixed in with the food. Each syringe contains 4.8 grams of paste, equivalent to 900mg of fenbendazole. The syringes have 18 gauges, and each gauge represents a 50mg unit of fenbendazole. Panacur PetPaste is suitable for use in animals with a weight of up to 6 kg, regardless of age. If the animal weighs over 6 kg, more than 1 syringe must be used.

Dosage of PetPaste for adult cats
Body weightNumber of units
Up to 2 kg3 units daily for 2 days
2.1 to 4 kg6 units daily for 2 days
4.1 to 6 kg9 units daily for 2 days

And so on.

Dosage of PetPaste for kittens, puppies and adult dogs

Body weightNumber of units
Up to 0.9 kg1 unit daily for 3 days
1.0 to 2 kg2 units daily for 3 days
2.1 to 3 kg3 units daily for 3 days
3.1 to 4 kg4 units daily for 3 days
4.1 to 5 kg5 units daily for 3 days
5.1 to 6 kg6 units daily for 3 days

And so on.


Fenbendrops is available for rabbits. This product has the same active ingredient as Panacur but is better able to provide the right dosage for small pets.

Please note:

In case of problems caused by Giardia, a wormer alone is often not enough. A number of hygiene measures should also be taken to prevent reinfestation, such as: washing long-haired animals, cleaning food and drinking bowls with boiling water, offering fresh tap water daily and washing dog beds and rugs at high temperatures. It is also important to treat all animals in the household at the same time.

This product is sourced from a genuine veterinary wholesaler in the Netherlands. Because of this, this item may be delivered in Dutch packaging. Please consult the information above with regards to the administration and dosage of this product.

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Can't normally buy in the U.K.
By , 12 March 2018

Fast delivery,works out more expensive but I'm very pleased to find Panacur available in tablet form as much easier to give my pets than the liquid, granules or paste.

Thank you
By , 09 October 2017

You product worked well on my sick dog. Thank you

Panacur worming worming tablets
By , 13 February 2017

This stuff is as good as what you get from the vets without The consultation fees it's brilliant

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