Pavo Podo Lac

Pavo Podo Lac

The Pavo Podo horse feed collection is specially designed for the optimal development of foals into healthy adult horses. Pavo Podo Lac is the first step and focuses on the mother's nutrition. It has been specially designed to stimulate milk production in heavily pregnant and lactating mares whilst simultaneously stimulating the growth of the unborn foal.

Pavo Podo Lac - 20kg
  • Pavo Podo Lac - 20kg


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Product Description

Pavo Podo Lac

Pavo Podo Lac is step one in the Podo Concept range for the optimal development of foals into young horses and is specially designed for heavily pregnant and lactating mares. It can be given to mares from the ninth month of pregnancy, so that healthy nutrients are transferred to the unborn foal, until the foal is five months old, during which time the nutrients are transferred to the young foal through the mother's milk.

Key Benefits

  • Contains the proven Podo Concept
  • High levels of easily digestible copper, zinc and manganese for the unborn foal
  • Carefully selected Calcium-Phosphorus ratio and extra magnesium
  • Extra Vitamin E
  • Helps support the mare's optimal condition and encourage maximum milk yield

Pavo Podo Lac is suitable for heavily pregnant mares from the ninth month of pregnancy until the fifth month of nursing. also offer Step 2: Pavo Podo Start and Step 3: Pavo Podo Grow.


20kg Bag


Wheat feed, toasted soya beans, rapeseed meal, oats, sugar cane, yeast, wheat, maize, alfalfa, soya hulls, lineseed, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals.

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