Pet Remedy Holiday Set

Pet Remedy Holiday Set

The Pet Remedy Holiday Set is the perfect combination of Pet Remedy Spray and Pet Remedy Calming Wipes. Ideal for use on holiday. The set includes two spray bottles and five calming wipes.

Pet Remedy Holiday Set
  • Pet Remedy Holiday Set


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Product Description

Pet Remedy Holiday Set

The Holiday Set from Pet Remedy is a combination of the Pet Remedy Spray and the Pet Remedy Calming Wipes. Ideal to take with you on your next holiday.

Fear and Anxiety

Many animals can experience fear and/or anxiety, which can result in undesirable behaviour. On holiday stressful situations can arise, for example, when meeting new people or animals, travelling in a car, bus or plane, or separation anxiety. The remedies of Pet Remedy can help in these situations.

Pet Remedy Spray and Calming Wipes

Pet Remedy contains a unique composition of Valerian oil, Vetiver essential oil, basil and sage. Pet Remedy works on the body's own neurotransmitters and helps the brain to send the right signals to the nerves. For example, when the animal needs to calm down or take action. In case of tension or fear the nerves get over-stimulated, leading to the various symptoms of stress that can be recognised in pets.


  • Water-based with a neutral pH
  • Safe for skin and fur
  • Easy to use and works immediately
  • Durable in use

Suitable for

This product is ideally suited to:

  • Let animals get used to their new home
  • Relax several animals in the house
  • Reassure your animal during and prior to the New Years celebrations
  • Support your animal during a journey in a car, bus or plane


Spray: Spray a few times in the vicinity of your pet. This could, for example, be on a cuddly toy or a cloth. It is also possible to spray a small amount on your hands and then rub it on the head, under the chin or on the chest of your animal.
Calming wipes: Rub the wipe on your hands or rub it around the snout, ears, chin or on the chest of your animal. If needed, you can fold the wipe into the harness or collar of your pet for extra support.

Please note:

Not suitable for horses. If Pet Remedy is inhaled through the nose, the horse may test positive for doping!


2x Pet Remedy Spray 15 ml & 5 Calming Wipes


Valerian, vetiver, clary sage and Thai basil. Does not contain alcohol.

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