PetSafe Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar

PetSafe Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar

The PetSafe Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar controls barking in small dogs, using an odourless spray stimulation that interrupts the barking.

PetSafe Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar
  • PetSafe Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar


  • PetSafe Odourless Refill - 75ml Spray


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Product Description

PetSafe Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar

The Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar from PetSafe controls barking in small dogs by releasing an spray that interrupts them when barking. Excessive barking is discouraged by the odourless, safe spray that is aimed in the direction of the muzzle. The dog will begin to associate barking with the spray from the collar, resulting in a reduced desire to bark.

The Anti-Bark Collar features Perfect Bark technology. This technology can distinguish each bark from other sounds in the environment, so that your dog's barking is the only sound that activates the spray.

The spray attached to the collar has to be replenished with the aerosol container of 75 ml, which is included. A light will come on when the spray runs out. There are around 30 to 40 sprays in each refill. One spray can is supplied by the collar. This contains enough for about 40 refills.

The collar is adjustable to a maximum size of 50 cm and is suitable for dogs between 2.7 and 26 kg.

Please note: take the collar off when you are playing with your dog. Your dog may bark while playing, making them associate playing with the spray.

When the collar is first used, it may be that the dog finds the spray surprising and unexpected.

Extra battery

The battery can be replaced, using the PetSafe Battery RFA 188.

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