Phytonics Podo Comp

Phytonics Podo Comp

Phytonics Podo Comp is a food supplement for horses and ponies to help with circulation in the hooves. Can be used preventively, but also to treat horses with laminitis.

Phytonics Podo Comp - 50ml
  • Phytonics Podo Comp - 50ml


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Product Description

Phytonics Podo Comp

Phytonics Podo Comp is a food supplement for horses and ponies to help with circulation in the hooves. Laminitis has many potential causes such as being overworked, inflammation elsewhere in the body (such as endometritis and chronic inflammation of the cecum), excess starch carbohydrates (fructosamine), toxins, certain medications (corticosteroids) and trauma. This creates an inflammation of the hoof dermis. The accompanying swelling between hoof and bone leads to severe pain and can eventually lead to tilting of the hoof.

Key features of each ingredient

  • Arnica montana (Arnica): has a supportive and restorative effect; Arnica also ensures good blood flow.
  • Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair tree): contains ginkolides, which ensures a good quality of blood vessels.
  • Montmorillonite: catalyses and reinforces herbal medicinal ingredients.


Unless prescribed otherwise by a veterinarian:

  • Horse: 10 drops twice daily.
To treat laminitis:
  • Horse: 10-15 drops, twice to three times daily.

1 ml = 20 drops

Administration: Use a plastic syringe or soak the drops into a piece of bread. Dilute the product with some water if necessary, because it contains alcohol. Preferably administer fifteen minutes before or after feeding. Always consult a veterinarian before use during pregnancy or lactation.

Treatment duration

In an acute situation, the duration of the treatment will be relatively short. This may vary from a few days to 3 weeks. If you notice an improvement, continue the treatment for a few more days. In the event of long-term discomfort, the effect is usually visible after 1 to 3 weeks. It is advised that a stop week is used every 6 to 8 weeks. The stimulus can be reintroduced after the stop week. Resume treatment immediately if symptoms worsen. This product can be given indefinitely.


Ginko Biloba, Wild Rosemary, Arnica Montana, Bentonite-Montmorillonite, alcohol 23%.

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