Find a huge range of medicines, nutritional supplements and other supplies for your poultry at Vetsend.co.uk. Our available assortment offers products for chicken, geese, turkey, guineafowl, waterfowl, pheasants, quail, peacocks, swans and emus.


Vetsend offer a premium quality range of feed by the brand Versele Laga , including tasty treats specifically designed for chickens and ornamental poultry.


Besides plenty of space to run around in, poultry also need other supplies, such as drinkers, feeders and treat dispensers to relieve boredom. Other items include disinfectants to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for your poultry!

Medicines & Supplements

It may occur that your animal is in need of support, for example in the case of a skin problems, problems with airways and other health problems. Vetsend offer numerous nutritional supplements for poultry. Furthermore, Vetsend offer supplementary vitamins and minerals for the overall well being of your animals!

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