Prazitel Plus (XL)
Prazitel Plus (XL)
Prazitel Plus (XL)

Prazitel Plus (XL)

Unfortunately, the Prazitel Plus (XL) is not available for sale anymore. Please have a look at our entire worm treatment range for alternatives.

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Product Description

Recommended for:

  • Roundworms: Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina (adult and late immature forms)
  • Hookworms: Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma canium (adult)
  • Whipworms: Trichuris vulpis (adult)
  • Echinococcus species (E . granulosus, E. multilocularis), Taenia species (T. hydatigena, T. pisiformis, T. taeniformis), Dipylidium caninum (adult and immature forms).

Not suitable for:

Do not use at the same time as other worming treatments, as the worm expelling effects of pyrantel and piperazine may be blocked. Do not use in animals with a known hypersensitivity to the active or inactive ingredients. Do not use this product on cats.


For oral administration. The recommended doses are: 15 mg/kg body weight febantel, 5 mg/kg pyrantel (corresponding to 14.4 mg/kg pyrantel embonate), and 5 mg/kg praziquantel. 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight for normal Prazitel, and 1 tablet per 35 kg body weight for Prazitel XL. The tablets can also be administered directly to the dog, or mixed with the food. Dogs can eat as usual before or after treatment. If there is a risk of re-infestation, seek the advice of your veterinarian regarding the need for and frequency of repeated administration. For correct dosage, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible. Please check that the dosage device is accurate. Remaining tablet parts should not be used.


  • 1 Prazitel tablet contains 50 mg of praziquantel, 50 mg pyrantel (corresponding to 144 mg pyrantel embonate) and 150 mg febantel. Contains pork flavouring.
  • 1 Prazitel XL tablet contains: 175 mg praziquantel, 504 mg pyrantel embonate (equivalent to 175 mg pyrantel)and 525 mg Febantel. Contains pork flavouring.


Dosage Advice Prazitel1 tablet per 10kg1 tablet per 35kg
Body weightNumber of tablets - PrazitelNumber of tablets - Prazitel XL
0.5 - 2kg0.25 tablets -
3 - 5kg0.5 tablets -
6 - 10kg1 tablet -
11 - 15 kg1.5 tablets -
16 - 20kg2 tablets0.5 tablets
17.5 - 35kg1 tablet per 10kg1 tablet
35 - 52.5 kg-1.5 tablets
52.5 - 70 kg-2 tablets

This product is delivered to us in bulk, and then distributed as multiple individual orders. You will therefore be sent individual tablets rather than the original packaging.

Please note:

These products are purchased in large quantities and shipped per order. Consequently, the products in the orders are shipped without the original packaging and leaflet. For the dosage, administration and other relevant information, please visit the corresponding product page. For further questions please contact our veterinarian over the phone or via the contact form.

More information on this product can be found in the leaflet at the bottom of the page.

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