Puur Matatabi

Puur Matatabi

Matatabi sticks by Puur have a calming effect on stressed/tense, nervous and unsettled cats.

Puur Matatabi Sticks (Packed per 2)
  • Puur Matatabi Sticks (Packed per 2)


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Product Description

Puur Matatabi

Cats who suffer from irritation, frustration and lethargy may benefit from Matatabi. Puur Matatabi provides distraction and calm in stressful situations such as when travelling, moving house, introducing a new member of the family, a stay in kennels or a trip to the vet. Cats might show excessive stress in different ways:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Urinating in the house
  • Destructiveness (scratching furniture)
  • Meowing a lot
  • Licking themselves more or pulling hair out (increasing the chances of the formation of hairballs)
  • Diarrhoea, vomiting or other physical symptoms
  • Key features of each ingredient

    The Matatabi tree comes from the same family as the Kiwi Tree that grows in Asia, particularly in China and Japan. The dried twigs of this tree have a very special effect on cats. There is a substance that cats like to eat, which helps them relax. Matatabi contains Actinicine and matatabi lactone. These are alkaloids that affect the nerve stimulation in the brains of felines. It is often the case that cats who are relaxed have less interest in the sticks than cats that are suffering from stress.

    Dosage and administration

    You can give Matatabi (food supplement) as a toy. Cats enjoy playing with the stick, some chew or bite it to pieces. Many cats will roll and rub on places where the stick or its pieces have been. After playing with it, the cat is calmer and may groom itself or go to sleep. If the bark is removed, it can be even more effective.

    Side effects

    There are no harmful side effects. Some cats respond strangely to the sticks. Some owners report that their cat seemed "ecstatic" and some cats drool (a little). This is harmless.


    Do not give more than two to three times a week, otherwise the cat will get used to the effect and the sticks will become less interesting. Take the sticks away once the cat is done playing.

    Please note

    Please consult a veterinarian before combining with medications. If problems occur, stop using the sticks and consult your veterinarian.

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