Puur Tour

Puur Tour

Puur Tour can be used for salivation/vomiting or unrest during car, boat or air travel. Puur Tour is suitable for cats and dogs.

Puur Tour - 50ml Dropper Bottle
  • Puur Tour - 50ml Dropper Bottle


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Product Description

Puur Tour

Puur Tour can be used for salivation/vomiting or unrest during car, boat or air travel. Puur Tour is suitable for cats and dogs.

Dosage and application:

Unless recommended otherwise by your veterinarian: 3-4 times daily:

Recommended dosage
Target animalOptimal dose 3-4 times daily
Dog10 - 15 drops
Cat3 - 5 drops
20 drops= circa 1 ml.

For best results, start giving this remedy three days before the trip, also give a dose of Puur Tour 30 minutes before departure, then a dose every hour during the journey. If the animal is not uncomfortable after five journeys, further treatment is no longer necessary.


You can administer the product directly into the mouth using a plastic syringe, or on a spoon diluted with a little drop of water if necessary. The product works better on an empty stomach, so we do not recommend giving it with a meal.

Tips for travel sickness

  1. Young dogs are often uncomfortable when travelling.
  2. Animals may be scared, frozen stiff or very excited. There may also be drooling or vomiting.
  3. If the animal is very restless, this agent can be combined with Puur Nervo.
  4. Do some test runs, maybe place some food in a parked car so the dog can get used to different surroundings. After a while, turn the engine on to acclimatise the pet still further, without driving.
  5. Feed the dog a small amount, a couple of hours before setting out.
  6. Drive quietly and make sure there is plenty of fresh air.
  7. No side effects have been observed.


Diluted extracts of Ginger (Zingiber officinale), Japanese walnut tree (Ginkgo biloba) and Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra). Dilutions of basic magnesium carbonate (magnesium carbonicum) and Zinc (Zincum metallicum). Alcohol 20%

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