SandClear is no longer available. We recommend Grand National Psyllium Sand Out, Sand Exit or Sand Gard as suitable alternatives.

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Product Description


SandClear removes sand from the horse's intestine and thereby reduces the risk of obstruction by sand colic.

For treating constipation and sand colic

SandClear contains 100% natural psyllium husks in a molasses base for effective removal of accumulated sand. The natural fibres absorb water and turn into a perfect knit to bind the sand. By removing the sand, the risk of sand colic or obstruction of the intestine is substantially reduced. Real sand eaters should be treated once a month. Sand nibblers can be treated halfway through and after a sand-eating period.


Preferably administer the dry granules by mixing with the feed. When mixed with "wet" food: mix at the last possible moment and give immediately. Administer SandClear for 7 consecutive days. This can be repeated 1 to 12 times per year.

  • Adult horses (approx. 500 - 600 kg): 1-11/2 measuring cup (approx. 135 - 180 grams)
  • Heavier horses: 2 measuring cups (approx. 270 grams)
  • Ponies, foals and yearlings: 3/4 measuring cup (approx. 100 grams)


In addition to providing SandClear, it might be wise (if possible) to place your horse in a meadow where there is plenty of grass, or in a paddock with entertainment, where distractions can reduce the amount of sand eaten.

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