Sashas Blend
Sashas Blend
Sashas Blend
Sashas Blend
Sashas Blend

Sashas Blend

Sashas Blend consists of 100% natural seafood extracts and can be given to cats and dogs to promote supple joints.

Sashas Blend Powder - 100g
  • Sashas Blend Powder - 100g


  • Sashas Blend Powder - 250g


  • Sashas Flexibites - 200g


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  • Product Description

Product Description

Sashas Blend

The unique, 100% natural formula of Sashas Blend stimulates the production of synovial fluid which nourishes the joints and promotes the growth of healthy cartilage. Synovial fluid is essential for healthy joints because it acts as a cushion and lubricant between bones. Sashas Blend also provides the body with the nutrients required by the cartilage, acts as a cushion for the joint and drains waste materials from the cartilage. It also suppresses the production of nitric oxide which produces a harmful enzyme causing pain in joints.

Joint mobility

We know that Glycosaminoglycans (also called Mucopolysaccharides) are a component of connective tissue, and that they act as a natural lubricant. Glycosaminoglycans play a role in maintaining viscosity of various connective tissues, which act as a buffer and reduce the movements between the different joints. When dogs get older, the canine body has a tendency to reduce the production of Glycosaminoglycans. This reduction will have a negative impact on joint mobility.


    Sashas Blend Powder:

    Available in 100g or 250g sizes. Sashas Blend is a fine powder with a pungent fishy smell. 100% natural, made of 60% New Zealand green-lipped mussel, 20% fish cartilage and 20% abalone. Scoop of 2.25g included.

    Sashas Flexi Bites

    200g packaging with small pieces of approximately 1.25g. The weight per piece may vary, so you should weigh the desired quantity (number of pieces x 1.25g = daily dose). Sashas Flexi Bites are approximately 1 x 1 cm, flat, low-calorie tasty sticks. Sashas Flexi Bites are made from a combination of venison (control-farmed) and marine concentrates with a tasty bacon flavour. They contain important vitamins and nutrients. The snacks are dried rather than baked so the nutrients remain intact.

    Sashas Flexi Bites promote:
  • energy
  • vitality
  • digestion
  • healthy coat and skin

  • Sashas Flexi Bites are:
  • suitable for fussy cats
  • suitable for (small) working dogs and sports dogs
  • suitable for ageing pets
  • an important part of joint care treatment


All Sashas Blend products are completely free of artificial preservatives, dyes, fillers and cereals.

Glucosamine Sulfate: No less than 14%; of which the main component is chondroitin. The rest includes glucosamine and keratin sulphate.
Essential fatty acids: Omega-3 (EPA & DHA).
Trace elements: boron, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc, taurine

Flexi Bites:
Venison (60%), marine animal concentrates (30%), Chicory, Lecithin, Vitamins (A, B, D and E) and minerals, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, chlorine, lead, selenium, phosphate, potassium and calcium.

Daily dose according to weight of animal:

The indicated dosage is a maintenance dose, use half this dose for the first week. Sashas Blend can be safely used for extended periods. For the bites, please calculate quantity x 1.25g = daily dose in grams.

DogMeasuring spoonBites
Small dog >10 kg½2
Medium dog 11 - 20 kg¾ 3
Medium dog 21 - 30 kg14
Large dog 31 - 40 kg5
For every 10kg over 40kg+ ¼ + 1
CatsMeasuring spoonBites
Cat 2 - 5 kg¼ 1
Cat 6 - 10 kg¼ 2


Store this product at room temperature in a dark place below 25ºC). For Sashas Blend Flexi Bites: after opening, store container in the fridge.

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Life changing product for my dog !
By , 01 November 2019

I’m a professional with Qualifications , I’ve known this product since Hong Kong (where I’m from) and I’ve put my English bulldog on it since she was 5, she’s now 11 and this really keep her going. I’ve missed a few days to see the difference and she’s started limping but soon as put her back on it she’s completely fine so clearly shown it helps arthritis and pain relieve ! Great product !!

Excellent Product
By , 08 May 2019

Second purchase of Sashas Blend and will certainly not be the last. This product has definitely made a positive difference to our 9 year old springer spanial who was previously showing signs of arthritis.

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