Sensipharm Urologist Aid for Small Pets

Sensipharm Urologist Aid for Small Pets

Sensipharm Urologist Aid for Small Pets is a food supplement specially developed for cats and small dogs.

Sensipharm Urologist Aid for Small Pets
  • Sensipharm Urologist Aid for Small Pets


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Product Description

Waste removal

Sensipharm Urologist Aid is a food supplement for cats, small dogs, rabbits, rodents and other animals, based on a balance of concentrated Chinese herbs. Sensipharm Urologist Aid cleanses the biliary and urinary tracts, creating an optimal moisture balance. The product is 100% natural, gentle and safe to use. Urologist Aid contains no chemical additives such as gluten, yeast, colourings, aromas or preservatives.

Recommended for

Sensipharm Urologist Aid for Small Pets is suitable for all pets up to approximately 5 kg in weight and for all ages (including puppies/kittens):

  • For reduced kidney, bladder and/or bile function
  • After surgery on the urinary tract

Not suitable for

Do not use in pregnant animals, animals with diarrhoea and avoid prolonged use in weak animals.

Dosage and administration

  • For pets < 5 kg in weight, 1 tablet twice per day. Improvement is usually seen within three days, however, results may vary.
  • When the desired results have been achieved (after 1 or 2 weeks) the dosage can be reduced.
  • Urologist Aid can be administered long term.
  • The tablets do not have a distinct taste or smell, so they can be given by hand or hidden in a treat or food
  • For animals over 5 kg, use Sensipharm Urologist Aid for Dogs.


Abutilon, Dianthus, Licorice, Lygodium Spores, Lysimachia s Desmodium, Plantago Seed, Pyrrosia, Shen Chu, Talc.

The composition of each pellet within this item is the same. However, as this is a natural product, the colour, smell, taste and consistency (denseness) can vary per pellet. It does not contain any chemical additives such as gluten, yeast, colourings, flavourings or other preservative.


Resealable pack of 90 tablets of 250 mg.

Product ID: 1013
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