Specific Senior FGD

Specific Senior FGD

Specific Senior FGD is daily food for cats older than 8 years old. This dry food contains all the nutrients a senior cat needs. The Senior FGD diet contributes to the health and fitness maintenance of your cat.

Specific Senior FGD - 2kg
  • Specific Senior FGD - 4 x 400g


  • Specific Senior FGD - 2kg


  • Specific Senior FGD - 3 x 2kg


  • Specific Senior FGD - 7 kg


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Product Description

The packaging of Specific has been changed and is now more user-friendly. Specific Senior FGD was previously sold in a 2.5 kg bag, this has been changed to 2 kg. The shape of the kibble has been changed for a better taste experience. Basically, nothing has been changed in the ingredients of the food. However, the food now contains natural preservatives and the minerals have better absorption.

Specific Senior FGD

Senior FGD from Specific is optimal food for senior cats. Cats are often defined as senior from 8 years old. The needs of older cats change; they are often less active and some organs may function less effectively. It is incredibly important to meet your cat's needs with special food, such as Specific Senior FGD.

Also have a look at Specific Senior FGW. This is wet food for senior cats.

Key features

  • Suitable for cats older than 8 years old
  • Contributes to maintaining a healthy weight
  • Supports the kidney function
  • The yucca extract contributes to the reduction of smelly feces
  • The increased fibre content contributes to the excretions of hairs via the feces and lessens the formation of hairballs
  • The food contains EPA and DHA. These are omega 3 fatty acids that contribute to healthy skin, a beautiful coat and healthy joints
  • The evenly lowered protein and natrium content, the increased calciumcitrate content and a pH level of approximately 6.6 all support a healthy urinary tract

Suitable for

Cats 8 years and older

Not suitable for

  • Kittens
  • Pregnant or lactating cats


Corn, corn protein, pork fat, fish flower, wheat, rice, potato protein, cellulose powder, hydrolysed animal protein, vitamins and trace minerals (including chelated trace minerals), minerals (including triptotassium citrate), egg powder, fish oil, fructo-oligo-sacharides, beet pulp, methionine, ammonium, chloride, taurine, Yucca powder, L-carnitine. Natural antioxidants (tocopherols, rosemary extract and vitamin C). Does not contain added artificial colour or flavour enhancers.

Product ID: 7300
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