Supreme Science - Fibafirst Rabbit

Supreme Science - Fibafirst Rabbit

Supreme Science Fibafirst Rabbit is a rabbit food loaded with fibre for healthy rabbits.

Supreme Science - Fibafirst Rabbit - 2kg
  • Supreme Science - Fibafirst Rabbit - 2kg


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Product Description

Supreme Science - Fibafirst Rabbit

Supreme Petfoods has developed a new-generation diet that meets the nutritional needs of rabbits and guinea pigs. Thanks to the special composition and texture, it feels and smells natural to your animal. This food looks really different from what you are used to, but rabbits and guinea pigs find it very appetising. Rather than compressed pellets, Fibafirst is a loose feed which has very high fibre content. This fibre percentage is even higher than in hay (however, your rabbit should also be given hay alongside this food).

Key features

  • Very high fibre content (30%)
  • No added sugars
  • Our fibres are 100% active
  • Simulates natural feeding behaviour
  • Eco friendly
  • Promotes tooth wear
  • Stimulates natural behaviour

Switching to Fibafirst

The transition to Fibafirst should be made gradually over a period of 4-6 weeks. Mix in a little Fibafirst into your pets regular food at first, and gradually increase the quantity of the original food. A rapid change in diet can cause digestive problems (even if your pet is moved onto a better diet) so be careful! If the animal is accustomed to a diet that contains sugar, the transition to natural food can take longer, but this will benefit the animal's long-term health so please persevere.

Guideline for using Fibafirst Rabbit

  • Guinea pigs and rabbits less than 1 kg: 30 grams per day
  • Rabbits up to 2.5 kg: 75 grams per day
  • Rabbits up to 4 kg: 120 grams per day


Timothy hay, alfalfa stalk, wheat flour, soy flour, oatmeal, carob flour, protein extract of alfalfa, oats, flax seed, soya oil, salt, dicalcium phosphate. May contain genetically modified soya.

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