Trixie Bait Protection Muzzle
Trixie Bait Protection Muzzle

Trixie Bait Protection Muzzle

With the Trixie Bait Protection Muzzle, you can prevent that your dog picks up bait or food while out on walks. Your dog can still pant, sniff and drink while wearing this muzzle.

Trixie Bait Protection Muzzle - S
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  • Trixie Bait Protection Muzzle - S


  • Trixie Bait Protection Muzzle - S-M


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  • Trixie Bait Protection Muzzle - XL


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Product Description

Trixie Trixie Bait Protection Muzzle

Protect your four-legged friend from (poisonous) bait or stray bits of food while walking with the Bait Protection Muzzle from Trixie. This handy muzzle is elastic and adjustable so that it feels comfortable to wear. When wearing the muzzle, your dog is still able to pant, sniff and drink. It is also possible to give treats thanks to the clever opening at the side of the snout.

Key features

  • Protects against picking up (poisonous) baits or stray food
  • Elastic and adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Panting, sniffing and drinking is still possible
  • Special opening on the side so you can give your dog a treat


To make sure you order the right size for your pet, it is important to take his measurements first. Read our article on measuring your pet for an explanation on how to do this properly.

SizeNeck strapInner muzzle circumference
XS18 - 26 cm15 cm
S18 - 32 cm18 cm
S - M18 - 40 cm22 cm
M- L22 - 46 cm27 cm
L22 - 52 cm32 cm
XL22 - 56 cm37 cm



What if the Trixie Bait Protection Muzzle doesn't fit?

To check if the muzzle fits, you may remove it from the packaging and keep it next to your dog for a side-by-side comparison. For hygienic reasons, you may not return the muzzle if it has been in contact with your dog. If you return a stained, worn, dirty or washed product, we will be unable to sell the product again. Instead of returning the used product to you, we'll donate it to a local charity or rescue centre.

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soft muzzle
By , 10 December 2020

Purchased for Cocker Spaniel puppy to stop her scavenging rubbish. It is a good muzzle for this purpose when used on fields and in the open, but as she spends most of walk time flat out in the bushes and brambles, it became tangled, ripped and dislodged, so it is damaged and not used any more. Otherwise fit for purpose and gentle to wear. Hope this helps future purchasers.

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