TROVET Hypoallergenic Treats HRT - Ear (Rabbit) Dog

TROVET Hypoallergenic Treats HRT - Ear (Rabbit) Dog

It can be tricky to find a suitable to find a suitable reward for dogs with a food hypersensitivity. These snacks from TROVET contain a single protein source derived from a meat source that is rarely used in many commercial dog foods. This means that there is less of a risk of food hypersensitivity in your dog.

TROVET Hypoallergenic Treats HRT - Ear (Rabbit) Dog - 100g
  • TROVET Hypoallergenic Treats HRT - Ear (Rabbit) Dog - 100g


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Product Description

TROVET Hypoallergenic Treats HRT â?? Rabbit

For dogs with food intolerances and allergies, this is an ideal snack, because it consists solely of rabbit. By using just a single source of protein, the risk of your dog having a hypersensitive reaction to food is minimised. These snacks can also be a solution when your dog is on an elimination diet. After using these snacks for 3 to 8 weeks, you can decide whether the snacks relieve your dog's symptoms. If the hypersensitivity symptoms disappear, the snacks can be used indefinitely.

Recommended for

  • Food allergies
  • Food intolerance

Key benefits

  • Contains a single animal protein source: rabbit
  • Easily digestible
  • High pallatability ensures optimal intake

Not suitable for

  • Not suitable for dogs with a hypersensitivity to rabbit
  • Not suitable for dogs with (chronic) renal insufficiency


100 g


10 x 240 x 30 mm


Rabbit ears

Product ID: 5050
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