Veterinary Advice

Why does Vetsend work with professional veterinarians?

Vetsend works with professional veterinarians because we think this is the best way to advise our customers about our products. Our veterinarian has specialist knowledge and can deal with specific customer questions directly. This advice can consist of how to use our products and when to apply our products in particular situations. Sometimes it is necessary to have your pet checked by your own veterinarian before a pet owner decides to use self-medication. When this is the case, our vet will advise to do so, instead of recommending a particular medicine or supplement.

Contact our veterinarian

To contact our in-house vet, you can use our phone number: 033 0818 0862 or mail address: Everyone is allowed to contact our veterinarian with pet-related questions. As our veterinarian favourite saying goes: "No such thing as a stupid question". Our experienced veterinarian Mara van Brussel-Broere will explain all about herself below.

veterinary advice

About me

My name is Mara van Brussel-Broere and as from 2018, I am your vet and contact person at Vetsend. I am an accredited Dutch veterinarian and have gained considerable experience in my field of expertise since I started my career.


In 2008 I graduated as a veterinarian for companion animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and birds) at the University of Utrecht, which is a city in the central Netherlands. After my study, I worked in a veterinary clinic for almost 7 years. At the practice I was mainly to be found in the consultation room. Outside of the veterinary practice I have been busy with passing on specific product information for veterinary medicines to veterinarians and online training for veterinarians. Dutch veterinarian register:160191.


At Vetsend, I am able to advise and help people with pet-related issues, but also pass on my extensive knowledge regarding veterinary products. By optimising our information, a pet owner is sufficiently informed about the product he or she wants to order. Furthermore, I also try to inform pet owners and handlers by writing articles which can be found in our section 'Veterinary Tips and Advice'.

Free Advice

You will be able to see me on our website and in various informative videos or written articles. You can also contact me for questions by phone: 020 3191 8322 or by e-mail: The questions can be very diverse and can be related to a specific product. For example, it may not be clear how to use a product. In addition, I can advise you on the use of medicinal products for your pet, such as worming, anti tick products. I will gladly advise you in choosing the right supplements to support your pet. In some cases there are not many options and the choice is limited. In other cases, there are many products available which can make it difficult to choose. Nutritional advice for animals is also an important part of my daily work. Of course I have my limitations as a vet who gives advice by phone or e-mail. Fortunately I can help in many cases, but in some cases it will be necessary that your animal is first seen by a veterinarian. I will definitely recommend this when necessary, and will always do my utmost best to give you the correct advice or information regarding products we offer on our website.

Tips from our veterinarian

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