Zylkène Chews
Zylkène Chews
Zylkène Chews
Zylkène Chews

Zylkène Chews

Zylkène Chews are tasty chew kibble that help your dog or cat deal with exciting situations. It is a natural supplement that contributes to a relaxed feeling. It can for example help with fear of fireworks, being home alone or travel.

Zylkène Chews 75 mg - 14 tablets
  • Zylkène Chews 75 mg - 14 tablets


  • Zylkène Chews 225 mg - 14 tablets


  • Zylkène Chews 450 mg - 14 tablets


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Product Description

Zylkène Chews

Zylkène is a 100% natural food supplement that helps pets deal with exciting situations. It contains alpha-casozepine. This milk protein ensures a relaxed feeling, without dozing your dog or cat. Just like puppies and kittens that are relaxed when they just drank from their mother. With the help of Zylkène your pet can more peacefully adjust to new situations. It can also be provided to puppies and kittens to help them get used to new things. These chew kibble are for instance suitable if your dog or cat hides, pees in the house, scratches furniture, mews or cries a lot, barks a lot, is restless, drools or licks too much.

Zylkène is also available as capsule with a tasty powder.

Key features

  • 100% natural supplement
  • Tasty chew kibble, can be given as a treat
  • Relaxes your dog or cat without dozing
  • Teaches your pet to deal with exciting situations
  • Widely applicable


Zylkène Chews can be used in many situations, such as moving house, kennel, thunderstorms, being home alone, new people or animals, weaning, lactation, travel, fireworks or any time your pet's routine changes.

The kibble can be give directly into the mouth or be mixed with the food. Store the chews in a well-closed bag, below 25 degrees Celsius. Zylkène Chews can be provided for short-term and long-term situations:

  • Short term use: begin giving Zylkène 1 or 2 days before the predicted exciting situation. If your dog or cat is already off-balance, it is better to give Zylkène 5 to 7 days in advance.
  • Long-term use: give Zylkène daily for 1 month and then evaluate the effect. For long-term exciting situations it is recommended to contact a veterinarian or behavioural therapist.
Recommended dosage Zylkène Chews 75mg (cat & small dog)
< 5kg1 tablet a day
5 - 10kg2 tablets a day

Recommended dosage Zylkène Chews 225mg (medium-size dog)
10 - 15kg1 tablet a day
15 - 30kg2 tablets a day

Recommended dosage Zylkène chews 450mg (large dog)
15 - 30kg1 tablet a day
30 - 60kg2 tablets a day


14 tablets


Pregelatinised cornflour, glycerine, cellulose powder, yeast extracts, casein (trypsine hydrolysed beef casein), acetic acid esters from mono and di-glycerides from fatty acids that originate from soy oil, soy oil, sunflower oil.

Product ID: 7974
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Not tested properly yet
By , 25 December 2018

The cat likes the date but too hard for her so she licks it a lot and then gives up.

calming chews for my dog
By , 13 November 2018

I used to give zylkene before trying these chews. My dog thinks they're very tasty and it helped during the fireworks last week =)

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