Zylkene can help if your pet is suffering from stress. This high-end brand contains natural ingredients and is proven to be effective against stressful situations in pets. The capsules contain ingredients found in casein which is derived from a protein in milk. This will encourage your beloved pooch or feline to cope with unusual situations and provide calm when needed. Zylkene Capsules can also help when travelling, a kennel or cattery visit, weaning or vet visits,fireworks and loud noises.

Zylkene reduces anxiety and stress

Zylkene for dogs and cats is recommended as a stress reliever for your pet. This product has what is needed to take care of your animal friend in the best possible way during stressful periods. Capsules can be given whole, but it is recommended to administer it opened and then sprinkle onto your pet's food. The recommended dose is one capsule per day for cats and two per day for dogs, depending on the size and weight of the animal.

Zylkene for horses

Zylkene is not only available for dogs or cats, but for horses as well. Zylkene Equine can relieve anxiety for horses and helps your horse to calm during stressful situations. It consists of natural ingredients only, and does not include any prohibited substances based on the list provided by FEI. The amount of administration is based on your horse's weight. Horses up to 500kg can be given one sachet per day, whereas horses heavier than 500kg can be given 2 sachets.

To ease a predicted stressful event or a change in your pet's environment, start to administer Zylkene one to two days beforehand. In the long term, these capsules are recommended for around one month before re-assessing your animal's behaviour. For optimum results, two months may be required. This product is designed to help pets cope during stressful periods and situations such as:

  • Getting used to new environments
  • Getting used to new people or companions
  • Recovery after medical treatment
  • Coping with daily routine changes
  • Coping with being left alone

With Zylkene for dogs and Zylkene for cats, you give yourself peace of mind that your furry friends are getting the right treatment in stressful situations. A relatively new product from this brand is called Zylkene Chews. These treats help your dog or cat to cope with stressful situations such as fireworks, being home alone and travelling.


Why choose Zylkene?

Continuous exposure to stressful situations can cause your four legged friend to worry and behavioural problems. This may be anything from eating disorders to relieving or urinating in the house. Other issues involve aggressive or stereotypical behaviour like spinning, barking or licking. If your cat or dog has persistent behavioural problems, then Zylkene could be a solution to your pet's problems. This well-known calming supplement is a familiar item with veterinarians. Use it to help your pet cope when facing unusual or unpredictable situations. Zylkene has no side effects and is lactose free. Furthermore, it is easy to administer and helps your pet to calm during stressful situations such as Bonfire Night or New Year's Eve.

Available to buy in capsule or chew form, Zylkene can be sprinkled on your pet's food. Expect to see a positive effect within one or two weeks, depending on your pet's stress situation. It is recommended to give Zylkene 1 to 2 days in advance for short term use (in some cases, 5 to 7 days prior is better), and 1 to 2 months for optimal long term effects.

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