> Adaptil - Dog calming product

Adaptil - Dog calming product

Adaptil - Dog calming product

Dog stress symptoms and causes

Unfortunately, fear and stress are common factors in many of our dogs. This can lead to undesirable behaviour, such as barking, licking, peeing inside the house or destructive behaviour. This behaviour can be triggered in the following situations:

  • Fear of loud noises, for example fireworks
  • Disruptive situations, such as a new environment or a change in the family structure
  • Separation anxiety in dogs
  • Travelling with your dog
  • When a puppy joins the family

To avoid this undesired behaviour in your dog, you can use Adaptil. This product uses a synthetic copy of dog pheromones, better known as dog appeasing pheromone (DAP) or apasine. More about this dog pheromone can be read below.

Dog Pheromones

Lactating bitches produce a calming mother pheromone - also known as Dog Appeasing Pheromone - during the first 3 to 5 days after the birth of the puppies. This dog pheromone is released through the mammary glands of lactating female dogs and has a calming effect on the puppies: it gives a feeling of safety and comfort and strengthens the bond between mother and child. Research has shown that these calming effects continue to exist in adult dogs.

Adaptil: calming dog products

Adaptil products contain an analogue of the natural pheromone, which makes them comforting for your dog. Exceptions to this are the Adaptil Tablets, which are a natural food supplement based on amino acids and vitamins that provide a quick and temporary calming of your dog's mental state. Adaptil offers a wide range in calming products for dogs, that treat and avoid stress, discomfort and anxiety in dogs.

Adaptil calming diffuser

The Adaptil diffuser is very suitable when a dog is regularly confronted with stressful situations, usually indoors.

Adaptil Collar

The Adaptil Collar can be ordered in sizes S-M (45cm) or M-L (70cm) and is a safe and effective product that treats stress and anxiety in dogs. This collar can be used indoors and outdoors.

Adaptil Spray

The Adaptil Transport Spray can help calm your dog while travelling. Use 8 sprays in the dog carrier, on your dog's blanket or directly inside the car. If necessary, spray again after 4-5 hours. Wait about 15 minutes before you let your dog come near the sprayed area. Never spray directly on your dog or inside the carrier or car if the dog is inside.

Adaptil Junior

It is very exciting for puppies to join their new family and get used to their new surroundings. Puppies can get very stressful because:

  • They are separated from their mother and brothers/sisters.
  • They arrive in a new environment
  • They have to learn to stay at home alone
  • They need to be socialised and trained
  • They have to get used to new animals and people

The Adaptil Junior can be used to let your puppy get used to the new environment faster. It often makes it easier for puppies to stop crying at night, stay alone at home faster, have more confidence and less afraid of loud noises, deal more easily with new people and other dogs and have an easier time during dog training.

Adaptil Tablets

As mentioned before, the effect of Adaptil Tablets is different from the other Adaptil products. The tablets As mentioned before, the effect of the Adaptil tablets is different from the other Adaptil products. The tablets are a natural food supplement and contain a unique combination of amino acids and vitamins that provide a quick and temporary calming of your dog. They are not anaesthetic! The tablets work fast. The advice is to give the tablets 2 hours before an expected exciting situation. Usually a treatment of 1 x per day is sufficient. You can use the tablets in combination with the Adaptil Calm Diffuser or Adaptil collar as well as Adaptil Spray.

When to use Adaptil?

Reason for Using Adaptil Adaptil Diffuser Adaptil Spray Adaptil Collar Adaptil Tablets
Change in surroundings or occasional stress ++
Fear of loud noise, fireworks or thunder ++ + ++
Transportation ++ +
Moving house ++ + +
Visit to vet ++
Socialisation ++
Staying home alone ++ +
New family member ++ +

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