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Adaptil reduces anxiety & stress

All lactating bitches excrete a soothing chemical substance called “appeasing pheromones” that help keep their offspring calm and at ease. Research has proven that the calming qualities of these pheromones work at a later age as well, not just in the puppy phase. All of the Adaptil products (except the tablets) contain a synthetic copy of the appeasing pheromones.

Reason for Using Adaptil Adaptil Diffuser Adaptil Spray Adaptil Collar Adaptil Tablets
Change in surroundings or occasional stress ++
Fear of loud noise, fireworks or thunder ++ + ++
Transportation ++ +
Moving house ++ + +
Visit to vet ++
Socialisation ++
Staying home alone ++ +
New family member ++ +

Adaptil Diffuser & Refill

One innovative company has found a way to give these same comforting messages to puppies and older dogs. That company, Adaptil, came up with a dog calming plug in for young and older pets. Their flagship is the Adaptil Diffuser & Refill, which can be used to prevent and treat anxious and stressed dogs. This dog calming plug in is to be plugged in a power socket after which it immediately starts with spreading appeasing pheromones. These are not detectable by the human smell and are ideal for:

  • Calming your pet during loud noises such as fireworks
  • Dogs that have to stay home alone or are moving house
  • When a new dog or cats joins the family

Adaptil Collar (DAP)

Adaptil Junior is a calming collar for puppies, which has been clinically proven to help comfort puppies and give them a feeling of security as if they had their mother there with them. This calming collar for puppies up to the age of 6 months helps them to feel at ease and make them more playful. Soothing pheromones help in the first days of adjustment, when puppies first arrive at a new home.

There is also a calming collar for adult dogs. Adaptil Collar works for dogs who become uneasy or aggressive in challenging situations. This collar gives restless dogs a helping hand to get rid of their anxiety during fireworks, thunderstorms, unknown situations and other indoor or outdoor stressors. It is important that the calming collar has a snug fit, as the dog’s body temperature is excellent to heat up the product after which it can release the calming pheromones.

Adaptil Spray

This soother by Adaptil is packaged in a spray form, that is used on four-legged friends that gets anxious when on the go. It works very well for both the pet and its owner, reducing crying, shaking and the tendency to pace when on the go. Use the spray in your car, where your pet sits or sleeps or in their carrier. The spray should never be used directly on your pet. If you will be using it in your car, spray at least 10 minutes before putting your pet inside and keep spraying every four to five hours.


Use between eight and ten pumps of Adaptil Spray for every application. The 20ml bottle will give you about 16 sprays and the 60ml bottle delivers about 50 sprays. The product’s calming effect is effective as soon as the dog sniffs it and it stays effective for four to five hours.

Adaptil Tablets

Another calming product from the Adaption range are Adaptil tablets. They are non-pheromones that contain natural ingredients as well as B vitamins that work fast to soothe anxiety. The tablet should be administered at least two hours before the beginning of an event that is believed to cause anxiety. This may be parties, fireworks, thunder, travel, and other events that are known to make your buddy anxious. It will remain effective for up to four hours.

The tablets should be given according to your pet’s weight. Your vet can give you the right dosage but generally speaking, a dog that weighs five to 10kg should be given half a tablet once a day and those with a weight of 10 to 20kg should be given one tablet a day. Heavier dogs weighing 20 to 30kg can have two tablets a day while those that weigh 30kg and above can have up to three tablets a day. The tablets can be used along with other Adaptil products such as the diffuser, spray, and collar.

When to use Adaptil

For years, pet owners and vets have trusted and used Adaptil products to soothe anxious dogs and puppies. They effectively provide short and long-term relief for different stress-inducing situations that cannot be avoided like a trip to the vet or thunder on a stormy night. Trust Adaptil to calm the jitters in your pet and enjoy your time together.

As mentioned earlier, Adaptil has multiple calming products that can be used for various reasons. An overview of the products of Adaptil and when it is best to use these can be found below.