Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Greyhound is a very elegant dog. The breed is proud and self-willed. This long-haired, super fast medium sized dog is confident of his own abilities. The Afghan Greyhound is calm, arrogant and very devoted to the owner. His long coat requires regular maintenance.

Breed description Afghan Greyhound

Breed descent: Afghanistan

Other breed names: Tazi, Afghan, Balkh Greyhound, Barakzai Hound, Baluchi, Kaboul Greyhound, Afghan Greyhound, Ogar Afgan


The Afghan greyhound has a very long coat, which is fine in structure. The hair on its face is short. All colours are permitted but the most common colours are red to all shades of beige, often with a dark mask. To take care of the coat you need to take out a full hour or more 2 days a week. The best way to do this is to comb out the fur one by one, so that no tangles remain, but be careful not to break off the hairs. Keep the ear canal clean. This Afghan should be bathed once every two months. Use a good dog shampoo that does not dry out the skin. If you do not have the time or the desire to take care of the coat carefully, you should not get an Afghan Greyhound.

Physical features


Long, firm neck. Deep chest. Well protruding ribs. Flat, muscular back, slightly sloping towards the hip. Pronounced, rather far apart hip bones.

Average weight

The average weight of the dog is between 23-28 kg.

Height at withers

Males: 68 cm to 74 cm and bitches: 63-69 cm.

Approach to training

Afghan Greyhounds are not dogs for inexperienced dog owners. Because of their independent character, Afghan Greyhounds are difficult to raise and will never listen perfectly. Afghans react adversely when you try to gain their respect by hitting and shouting. If you guide the dog with a tight but gentle hand, you can teach the Afghan a few new things.

Common symptoms

  • Hip dysplasia (HD)
  • Genetic eye diseases

Dog sports

There are different types of sports for Afghans; Greyhound racing,or hunting training.

Afghan Greyhounds are suitable for owners who:

  • Are searching for a large dog
  • Have enough time to take good care of their dog, especially coat care
  • Can provide their dog enough movement, even when they get older
  • Are consistent
  • Love active long walks
  • Participate in dog shows

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