Bogacare Paw Balm Protect

Bogacare Paw Balm Protect

Bogacare Paw Balm with calendula and rosemary is a moisturising balm that maintains the elasticity of the skin. The paw balm also has a soothing effect on your dog's paws.

Bogacare Paw Balm Protect for Dogs - 50ml
  • Bogacare Paw Balm Protect for Dogs - 50ml


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Product Description

Dogs' paws have a number of seasonal problems to deal with: in winter, snow, ice and grit, and in summer, hot asphalt and pebbles. They may also be subjected to large loads, the result of which is dry and chapped paw pads. By using Bogacare paw balm, you can support the skin's natural ability to recover.

Three reasons to choose Bogacare paw balm over 'regular' Vaseline or wax:

  • Bogacare paw balm is a cream made from vegetable oils, which allow the skin to breathe. Wax and mineral oils such as petroleum and Vaseline are made from crude oil, and can suffocate the skin. Bogacare allows pet skin to breathe, therefore allowing the dog to get rid of excess body heat.
  • The natural ingredients calendula and rosemary are suitable for internal and external skincare.
  • Bogacare paw balm absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no greasy stains on the carpet.


Before walking your dog, apply paw balm on the pads and between the toes and gently massage. If necessary, repeat several times a day.


Calendula, rosemary, peanut oil

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