Bogadent Ergo Dual Brush for Dogs

Bogadent Ergo Dual Brush for Dogs

The Ergo Dual Brush is a toothbrush for dogs, which is designed in a way that cleans the teeth both inside and out. Even molars are easy to reach with this ergonomic toothbrush.

Bogadent Ergo Dual Brush for Dogs
  • Bogadent Ergo Dual Brush for Dogs


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  • Product Description

Product Description

Regularly remove and prevent plaque

Plaque occurs mainly when deposits in the teeth mineralise and turn into hard tartar. Tartar can cause permanent damage to the gums and teeth. Therefore, it is recommended to remove dental plaque regularly. This is why Bogar has been working with veterinarians and dentists to develop the innovative new toothbrush, Bogadent Ergo Dual Brush. The special ergonomic and functional shape makes cleaning your dog's teeth easy and effective.

Features of the Ergo Dual Brush

  • Ergonomic design for effective cleaning
  • Special brush heads to easily reach both the inside and outside of the teeth
  • Effective removal of plaque through specially designed brush shape
  • Also removes plaque in hard to reach places
  • Cleans the space between the teeth
  • Anti-slip handle prevents the toothbrush from slipping out of the hand
  • Flex-zone prevents excessive pressure
  • Developed in collaboration with veterinarians and dentists

  • Advice for use

    Apply a small amount of Bogadent Dental Cream to the large brush head. Lift up the lips and brush the outer surfaces of the molars with a circular motion. The inner tooth surfaces can be cleaned with the smaller brush head in the same way. Praise your dog during treatment and reward him with a walk afterwards. Please note: for permanent teeth problems, we recommend contacting your veterinarian.

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