Cowboy Magic

Cowboy Magic

Are you looking for quality horse or dog grooming products? When only the best is good enough for your pet, look no further than the Cowboy Magic brand.

The Advantages of Cowboy Magic

The Cowboy Magic brand is synonymous with high-quality products in the equine world. It is a brand trusted by scores of horse owners the world over. Thanks to their grooming and finishing products, your horse or dog will be able to look its best all the time.

Grooming Products

Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine

Does your horse's manes or tail often get tangled or knotted? Do you need an efficient solution for removing these knots without damaging hair? If yes, then Detangler & Shine is the right product for the job. It leaves hair manageable and feeling silky smooth. A bonus is that it contains no alcohol which means you don't have to worry about your pet reacting to any chemical ingredients.

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo

This concentrated shampoo complete with silk conditioner is designed to eliminate dirt and keep the coat, mains and tail clean. The horse shampoo allows the hair's cuticle to open up, while the conditioner seals and keeps moisture and nutrients locked up in the strands. This is a great way of strengthening the hair's shaft which in turn prevents breakage and split ends. Can be used full strength or diluted. You can combine this shampoo with the Cowboy Magic Rosewater Conditioner. This conditioner is formulated with the highest quality ingredients that are designed to condition both the hair and skin. The skin is left feeling supple and nourished. It is easy to rinse out as well.

Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover

If you've been struggling to get manure and urine spots out, then this is the product for your horse or canine. It is also great for removing sweat, dirt and other tough stains. Made from organic, plant based cleaners, this remover will easily dissolve manure, dirt, urine and sweat. Panthenol present in the product helps to strengthen and condition hair and skin. Shea butter makes it possible to give your dog or horse a brush up after the product is dry.

Cowboy Magic Shine in Yellow Out

Can't get those yellow stains out from your pet's fur? Thanks to Shine In Yellow Out, yellow stains are a thing of the past. This product effectively neutralises these taints and gives life back to hair of all colours. Say hello to silky soft, good smelling hair that boasts that brilliant sheen we all admire.

Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine

For that award-winning sheen and shine, Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine is the way to go. It is a product that helps counter show ring dust, leaving your horse with that winning glow. It is a spray-on that doesn't require any diluting or mixing prior to use. It dries quickly enabling you to apply it even minutes before a show. Made from nature's finest ingredients, this product boasts all the good things your pet needs to get that glow. The Aloe Vera in the Bodyshine has been specially added to both strengthen and condition skin and hair.

A Brand You can Trust

When it comes to dog grooming and horse grooming, you want to buy products that are reputable and from companies with a reliable history. In a world where products are full of chemicals, it's good to know that there are companies that still believe that animals can look good without using all these harmful products. Cowboy is a brand that's well recognised for providing products that are not only safe for animals but for human beings as well. Their range of shampoos and conditioners can be used by people too. That just goes to show how serious they are about making good quality products.

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