Take a look at Curver, an established home ware company you can trust for great storage and accessory ideas to make your pet's life comfortable and your life easy.

Experience makes for reliable pet supplies

Curver is a well known, world wide brand who specialise in a big range of products. Among a wide list of household items they also make great storage items and accessories for your furry friends. With a company philosophy that treats your family pets as if they were their own, the attitude towards product development is thoughtful, caring and helpful. The products are very well designed and made from durable materials. They come in a range of neutral colours to fit in with your interior and are easy to clean. So read on to discover more about some of the best pet accessories you can order.

Curver Supplies for Dogs

As canines come in so many different sizes, Curver has several types of beds to buy online. The standard Petlife Dog Basket is a sturdy but comfortable bed designed for medium sized and slightly bigger breeds to enjoy. There's also the smaller Petlife Cozy Pet Bed. This is great for smaller pooches, and works for kitties too. There's a range of pet supplies for travelling and storage items for food. The dog food container range has several styles of canister, designed for all kinds of dry food and treats. There's also the Curver food barrel range. This is good for keeping larger quantities of dry food fresh and aromatic for longer if you have more than one animal, or a larger breed dog.

Curver Products for Cats

Your average kitty just loves to snooze, and Curver has some wonderful ideas to discover that will keep your feline content and feeling secure, such as the Curver Petlife Litter Tray. Order a Cozy Pet home, which is an igloo style pet bed with a soft interior your furry friend will adore. Designed to keep out draughts it's great for smaller breeds, short haired kitties who feel the cold, and works for small pooches too. To keep two felines happy, why not use a Curver Petlife bunk bed? With an enclosed bottom bunk, and padded top tier, it is a great way for two to curl up, and happily sleep for hours. Another practical idea if you have more than one cat, is to get a cat food dispenser. It keeps dry food fresh and tasty and cuts down on waste.

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