Dermoscent SunFREE for Dogs & Cats

Dermoscent SunFREE for Dogs & Cats

Dermoscent SunFREE is a skin friendly, SPF 30+ sun cream for dogs and cats. It helps protect sensitive and light-haired skin from sunburn. The sun cream is waterproof and perfume-free.

Dermoscent SunFREE for Dogs and Cats - 30ml
  • Dermoscent SunFREE for Dogs and Cats - 30ml


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Product Description


Dermoscent SunFREE is a skin-friendly and zinc-free SPF 30+ sun cream specially developed for dogs and cats. The cream moisturises the skin and helps protect it against dehydration caused by exposure to the sun. The sun cream contains a UV filter of titanium oxide and aluminium oxide, as well as natural Candelilla wax. This makes the sun cream suitable for dogs and cats with sensitive skin.


  • Apply every morning before your pet is exposed to the sun. Reapply after prolonged exposure or after swimming (for dogs)
  • Use especially in areas where the dog or cat has little or no fur and/or in places where the skin has less pigment, such as around the edges of ears, around the nose, the inner thighs, abdomen and areas of scarring.
  • It is recommended that you apply the formula all over for cats and dogs with a light coat and/or sensitive skin.
  • Please note: Some pets can have an allergic reaction to the formula. Before use, apply the cream to a small patch of skin to see if your pet can use the sun cream.

Itis always recommended to remove SunFREE applied during the day with a mild cleansing milk to avoid accumulation of cream on the skin day after day which might exacerbate irritation.

Shelf life

Dermoscent SunFREE can be used for up to a year after opening.

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cat sun cream
By , 14 August 2020

Happy with product. Dandy not so keen on having cream on her ears but better to be safe than sorry.

Allergic reaction
By , 07 August 2020

Put this on our cat one morning and by the evening he was having an allergic reaction, the next day his ears were red raw and his fur had fallen out. Contacted the company about this and they said they are aware of pets having a reaction to this product... Yet they feel no need to add a warning to the packaging?! Completely careless!

Response from Vetsend:

Dear Beka, Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. We're very sorry to hear that your cat had an allergic reaction to the sun cream. The responsible departments have since updated the product information with a warning about allergic reactions. Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention and once again, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We hope your cat feels better soon! Best regards, Team Vetsend

By , 20 July 2020

For the cost of this special cream, I was most disappointed with the size of the tube. My Springer spaniel, Harry has Phemghigus disease. He lost all his hair over his nose, neck which was red raw. Just the leather of his ears were left too. His paws swelled up and very red. He generally was a very Ill boy. I very nearly lost him. Hence, the amount of protection he needs, this small tube will not go far.

Pet Suncream
By , 20 July 2020

Good product, but expensive. Delivered quickly. I was concern that Roswell ( white cat) would attack me when applying his sun cream. He hasn't. It has no smell and he seems to quite enjoy it because he can continue to sunbathe without burning his ears.

Excellent sunscreen for my cats ears.
By , 11 August 2019

Excellent sunscreen for my cats ears that are white and get sunburnt but shame it's not a total sunblock F50. For the price the tube is rather small but worth the money if protects him.

sun cream for dogs
By , 14 July 2019

I found this product to be a bit expensive for the size you get, and when you have to use it everyday it is not going to last long and you will soon be purchasing another one time and time again, my dog as to use it every day whether its sunny or not because he as totally lost his fur and has to wear jackets all the time which is not healthy for his skin that is why he was placed on this cream by our vet and although its around £72 in our vets I would imagine for the same size at £17 which yes its a big price drop but it is still pricey for its size and we are going to find it difficult to keep up with as its not covered under our insurance policy, but we have no choice but to keep up with it but if I could find a cheaper alternative at this company I would gladly take a look at it

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