Dog Leash

A dog leash can give you back control when walking your dog as well as relieve tension for your pet. Vetsend offers different types of dog leashes to suit different dog breeds and sizes. It can also serve as a handy tool when training your four-legged friend.

A dog leash is primarily used to keep your pet under control when you are outdoors. When they venture outside their usual environment, dogs can get distracted and take off after another dog, a cat or whatever else catches their attention. They cannot do this when they are on a leash.

Getting the correct dog leash

For a leash to give you the control that you want, it has to be of the right length. It gives your pet some freedom to roam. In busy areas, use a shorter leash that will keep this most loyal friend closer to you. A shorter dog leash also works better for pets that are still in training and tend to wander away.

Width is another important factor to take into consideration. Pets that tend to chew on their leash or pull strongly need a thick leash. Puppies and small dogs can start with a leash that is not as thick. The same is true for well-trained dogs.

Types of dog leashes

There are different types of leashes to suit different pets and their specific needs. Standard dog leashes are made of nylon or leather. Reflectors dog leashes are ideal for pet owners who like to take early morning or night walks with their pets.

Retractable dog leashes

A retractable leash for your dog can be very convenient in a number of ways. These type of leads normally provide a soft and strong grip. What's more, retractable dog leashes provide a brake system with which you can slow your dog down. A retractable dog leash should always be used with great care as your dog's neck can be prone to injury. Please note that retractable dog leashes can cause harm to your pet when they are used incorrectly.

Adjustable dog leashes

This kind of leash works well for those who want the flexibility and added freedom of a retractable leash combined with the control of a standard leash. It is adjusted by adding or removing the clips or loops. You can adjust this dog leash so that it is shorter when you are training your pet and longer when you are out for walks and to allow more freedom.

Dog leash materials

The most common materials dog leads are made of are metal, leather and nylon. Nylon is the most popular choice. Apart from being affordable, they are durable and ideal for use in all climates. When they get wet or muddy, they are very easy to clean and dry. Also, they come in all colours and patterns so there is something for everyone. The only shortcoming with a nylon dog leash is that dogs can damage them by chewing on the leash.

Leather dog leashes are of high quality and a long-lasting choice. You need to be sure to clean and condition them with the right products so that they maintain their quality. They tend to soften over time and will not painfully rub on your pet's skin.

Popular dog leashes

Pet owners who strive to keep their tail-wagging companions happy and healthy choose Vetsend for high-quality food, supplies and accessories. Vetsend has a dog leash for every size and breed. A good and popular option is the adjustable Hunter Retriever Leash that is made of strong, durable polyamide. This material is tear-proof and water-resistant. It gives hunter dogs and those that like to swim enough room to walk around.

The New Comfort Retractable from Flexi is another high-quality option. Flexi Comfort is a retractable leash adjustable to a length of five to eight metres. It is comfortable for both pet and owner and has an easy braking system. A wheel on the inner side of the handle makes it easy to adjust to the handler's hand size. It comes in different sizes from medium upwards.

Go for a safe, stylish and effective option with the Flexi Retractable Neon Tape Leash. It is a long neon-coloured leash with high visibility and a lot of room for your pet to move around. It is comfortable and has a fast-responding brake system.

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