EasyPill for Cats
EasyPill for Cats

EasyPill for Cats

EasyPill for Cats is a putty that covers tablets and makes it easier for cats to eat. Available as a single putty or entire jar (contains 30).

EasyPill for Cats - 1 x 10g
  • EasyPill for Cats - 1 x 10g


  • EasyPill for Cats Sachet - 30 x 10g (30 in jar)


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Product Description

EasyPill, a simply administered tablet

Everybody knows that cats can be reluctant to take their medicine if it tastes off. Because of the shapes and size of tablets, cats can find them hard to swallow. A Buster Tablet Introducer can offer a solution, but now there's Easypill. This is a putty that is moulded to the tablet to mask the shape and flavour. By moulding EasyPill around the tablet before giving it to your cat you increase the chances that your pet will swallow its medicine.

Easy to create portions

EasyPill is soft and malleable, and can therefore be manipulated according to your own animal's needs. Any leftovers can be kept and used next time. A 10g bag contains one strip which can be used for several tablets.


EasyPill can be ordered by the bag or box (which contains 30 individual bags). According to the manufacturer, Vettinov, one bag of EasyPill for cats coats 10 pills. EasyPill can also be used for ferrets.

Getting used to it

For the best chance of success, let the cat get used to the flavour of EasyPill gradually. It has a pleasant aroma, flavour, and composition. Feed your cat little bits of the EasyPill before feeding him, and make sure there is plenty of clean water available. In the unlikely event that a cat does not want to eat EasyPill, it can be used as a treat by putting 1-2 pieces of EasyPill in their bowl to get your cat used to the flavour.


If kept airtight at room temperature, one bag of the EasyPill formula will last for about 3 months. You can also give any leftovers to your cat as a treat, allowing the cat to get used to the flavour and making it even easier to administer pills in future.


Poultry meal, glucose syrup, water, rice flour, animal fats, flavour enhancers, preservatives, dyes, and CE approved antioxidants

There is an equivalent product available for dogs: EasyPill for dogs.

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very effective
By , 31 May 2020

Although it is quite expensive this product works every time. I have an elderly and astute cat on medication for life . He can detect a pill at 20 paces but not with this stuff. He looks for it and enjoys eating it so I am confident that he gets his pill every time

By , 07 April 2020

Cannot praise this too highly. I have an elderly cat on long term medication and this is the only thing that works. He looks for it and seems to enjoy it.

By , 03 March 2020

My cat needs to eat steroid tablets daily and without easy pill it was a full drama ritual, scenes like from the exorcist , with easy pill I still need to force him to eat it but it's so much easier, no frothing no vomiting no spitting out

My mistake!
By , 03 June 2019

I saw the jar and thought I was going to get 10 pieces. I ordered 2, as postage is a lot. When the 2 tiny pastes arrived I was quite shocked, and felt quite silly with my purchase. I have yet to try it, as my husband can administer daily tablet to our cat without it. Bought for when I have to do it on my own ! Really read the product description.

Response from Vetsend:

Dear Ange, Thank you for your review of the EasyPill for Cats. We have now modified our promo text and hope that this will prevent any future mistakes. If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, The Vetsend Team

EasyPill Cat Putty
By , 11 April 2019

My cat was fooled at first, but now she's wise to it. I gave her a bit without the pill, which she ate, and then the bit with the pill - hmm... Will use it every now and again, in case she forgets about it!

By , 07 April 2019

A total God send! This product has turned evening pilling stress into such an easy process, my cat (who is the fussiest, pickiest eater in the world) actually enjoys taking her pills now as she thinks she is getting a treat! So easy!

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