Edgard & Cooper

Edgard & Cooper

If dogs could cook... it would be Edgard and Cooper dog food!

Edgard & Cooper, 2 mischievous doggies, paired up with their owners to prepare the most delicious and healthy dog food. The entire Edgard & Cooper range is created without any of that gruesome meat meal! All diets only include freshly cooked meat, fresh fish and other exquisite ingredients. These ingredients are purely natural and great for your best four-legged friend.

Edgard Cooper's fresh meat meals

Almost all dog food is made using meat meal as the source of animal protein. Edgard & Cooper, however, have decided to produce all of their foods using real fresh meat exclusively instead. This way, the quality of protein remains exactly what it should be. Up until now, they are the only dog food company in the world that is 100% meat meal free - and they will stay that way! The remainder of the ingredients come straight from nature and are pure and healthy!

A story about 2 dogs

Our adventure, how it started... We, Edgard & Cooper, are two furry rascals.We and our owners started a company. What a crazy adventure it is! First we cooked up the most yummy recipes with pure ingredients: freshly prepared meat and fish, vegetables, herbs and fruit. Then we called over some smart people from the university. And travelled around the world in search of a very, very big kitchen. Big enough to cook for all of our friends. The result? This delightful dog food. Full of healthy stuff.

Ghent University

Edgard & Cooper have teamed up with veterinarians and nutritional specialists from the Ghent University. This teamwork has allowed them to combine lots of yummy ingredients to create a healthy, balanced dog food.

Dog Charity

Edgard & Cooper conduct business with a heart and want to share their success with others. That’s why they donate 10% of their profits to dog charities. By doing so, they want to help out dogs all over the world and make them as chipper and happy as our own furry friends.

Meet the Edgard & Cooper family

Edgard and Cooper’s delicious recipes come in multiple varieties. Cups of wet food for the little bellies. Cans for the bigger bellies. Bags of dry food for dogs who like to chew on those crispy bits. Variety is the spice of life, so we came up with different yummy flavours. Browse our online storage room here, and discover your dog’s favourite.

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