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Edgard & Cooper

With only the best and freshest ingredients!

Fresh food is good food! Edgar & Cooper only uses the best and the freshest ingredients in their recipes, and that’s why their food is the purrrrrrfect choice for your dog and cat! What are your pet’s favourite flavours?

Woof woof – hello! We’re Edgard & Cooper. Together with our owners we make delicious and healthy pet food. No more ground-up bones and poorly processed meat meal, but food with fresh meat, fish and other real ingredients instead. Because our owners make food with real fruit and veggies, we get all the natural healthy nutrients and antioxidants that we need. Continue reading to find out more about our story!

A story about 2 dogs and their owners

Once upon a time... there were two fluffy friends, Edgard & Cooper. Their owners noticed that the pet food they were buying wasn’t really making their dogs feel happy or healthy. So they came up with a plan: by using fresh meat and fish, and plenty of veggies, fruits and herbs, they wanted to create the most delicious healthy food! They asked veterinarians and food specialists at the University of Gent to help them come up with a recipe. Then the owners even travelled around the world looking for a very big kitchen in which they could make food for all of Edgard and Cooper’s friends. And the result? The perfect recipe for kibble and wet food with fresh natural ingredients filled with essential nutrients!

The Food

The special recipe of Edgard & Cooper has resulted in delicious cat food and dog food. There are tubs with wet food for small dogs and cats and there’s canned wet food for large dogs. Apart from wet food there’s also a large selection of dry food, with slow-baked kibble containing natural nutrients and flavours for both cats and dogs!

No meat meal!

Pretty much all pet food contains meat meal as the main source of protein. Edgard & Cooper only uses fresh meat and nutritious offal. This way pets get all the protein they need and it’s easier to digest the food. So far, this is the only company in the world to produce food that’s completely free of meat meal – and it’s Edgard & Cooper’s mission to continue producing food with fresh, natural and healthy ingredients!


Edgard & Cooper also wants to create a world where all dogs and cats feel good. Over the years the company has always wanted to give back just as much as they were able to grow. To guarantee regular and generous donations, they’re now donating 1% of all their sales to charities. With their own Egard & Cooper Foundation they try to help all dogs and cats in need.

Vetsend and Edgard & Cooper

Once we heard Edgard & Cooper’s story we were incredibly touched, and we knew we had to sell their food on our website. That’s why Vetsend actually sells the complete range of Edgard & Cooper food! One of the most popular products is the Edgard & Cooper Adult – Venison & Duck, a dry food that’s developed for adult dogs. Like the name suggests, it contains fresh venison and duck, as well as a large amount of fresh fruit and veggies. If your pet doesn’t like venison or duck, your buddy will have plenty of other flavours to choose from. Give your dog or cat nothing but the best with the food from Edgard & Cooper!

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