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Edgard & Cooper Cat Food

Meow meow – hello! We’re Ella & Charlie, two very sweet cats who sometimes steal our big brother Edgar’s irresistible fresh meat kibbles. Thankfully, our owners caught on quickly and they started making cat food too! Just like our brother’s food, our food contains fresh ingredients like plenty of fish or meat and veggies and fruits.


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Fresh ingredients and free of grains

All the food from Edgard & Cooper uses fresh ingredients and is completely free of grains. The fresh ingredients are easier to digest than over-processed meat and fish. That’s why all food is free of meat meal and contains only fresh meat with natural healthy nutrients and antioxidants. There’s also nothing fishy about the fish! Just like the meat, the fish contains all essential nutrients and most of it is even MSC-approved. This means it’s not just good for your cat, but the ocean as well!

Cat kibble

Did you know that cats are carnivores? That’s why the recipe for cat food contains at least 60% protein-rich fish or meat! The kibble is slowly baked at a low temperature, to lock all the natural goodness and flavour into the food. There are four types of dry food available:

The kibble uses an irresistible blend of herbs, berries, botanicals and fish or meat to tempt even the pickiest of eaters. Because the recipe of the adult diets is hypoallergenic, the food is perfect for cats with a food intolerance or sensitivity.

Wet cat food

Of course, the wet food from Edgard & Cooper also contains lots of fish and meat. There are various flavours for different life stages, from beef and veal for adult cats to chicken and trout for kittens. The recipe is free of grains and there are even some bioorganic diets available. It doesn’t matter which food you’ll pick for your cat: every food is healthy and delicious!