Farm Food Dog Food

Farm Food Dog Food

Farm Food, founded in 1982, is a family business that emerged onto the market within two years of its establishment, introducing Farm Food HE (High Energy). The initial concept was to create dog food suitable for dogs of all ages and backgrounds, which they have managed to maintain whilst simultaneously improving and adjusting their food. Nowadays, Farm Food HE is a high-quality, natural pet food ideal for any dog, regardless of age or performance. Furthermore, there are no chemical supplements in Farm Food HE, such as chemical antioxidants, preservatives, binders, colourings or flavourings.

Pure, Pressed Dog Food

Farm Food HE is made of food that has been compressed into pellets as opposed to having been extruded, ensuring that ingredients aren't lost or altered. The main difference between extrusion and compression is the temperature at which it occurs. Compressed food is products at low temperatures whereas the extrusion process occurs at much higher temperatures.

The combination of a stable composition, high level of purity in ingredients and low production temperatures ensures that Farm Food HE does not have a negative effect on your dog's metabolism. This supports your dog's health, which can be seen by the skin, coat and stool.

Farm Food HE

Farm Food HE is available in four varieties, including Farm Food Classic, Farm Food Scottish Salmon, Farm Food Gluten Free and Farm Food Mutton.

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