Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil
Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil

Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil

Farm Food HE Classic is a high-quality and 100 percent natural food, suitable for any dog, regardless of age, breed, size or performance. The food is pressed, meaning the ingredients are not affected and will not be lost. With salmon oil as an extra ingredient.

Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil - 15kg
  • Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil - 2kg


  • Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil - 4kg


  • Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil - 12kg


  • Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil - 15kg


  • Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil Mini - 4kg


  • Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil Mini - 2kg


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Product Description

Farm Food HE

Farm Food HE is a high-quality food suitable for any dog regardless of its age or performance. It is entirely natural and does not contain chemical substances such as antioxidants, preservatives, binding agents or colourings, aromas and flavourings.

An important fact about Farm Food HE is that the food is pressed and not extruded. The difference between these two techniques is in the temperature. When pressing, the food is produced at a lower temperature, while extruding it requires a much higher temperature. The low production temperature for pressing prevents the ingredients from being affected or lost, something that can happen when processing foods at higher temperatures, such as extrusion.

The constant composition, the high purity of the ingredients and the low production temperature of Farm Food HE ensure that the metabolism of the dog is put under as little strain as possible. This contributes to your dog's good health and can be seen in the dog's skin/coat and faeces.

Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil

Farm Food HE is available in four varieties: Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil, Farm Food Classic, Farm Food HE Mutton and Farm Food HE Gluten-free.

The four varieties are based on the same ingredients and the Farm Food HE Classic is the standard version of the pressed food. For Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil, the flax seed oil has been replaced by the Scottish Salmon Oil, which has a better effect for some dogs. Farm Food HE Gluten-free is ideal for dogs with gluten allergies or with sensitive, weak or damaged intestines. That is because, for this variant, the wheat has been replaced by rice and sorghum. Sorghum is a seed that is best compared to rice and, like rice, does not contain gluten that can cause an allergy. In addition, the gluten-free variant also contains Scottish salmon oil instead of flax seed oil.

For small dogs (puppies or smaller breeds), there is Farm Food HE Mini, with the exact same composition as the above variants, but with smaller pellets (6 mm).

Key features of Farm Food HE

  • Suitable for all dogs regardless of age, breed, size or performance
  • Consists of pure raw materials and ingredients
  • Does not contain any binding agents
  • Good source of prebiotics
  • Is pressed and not extruded
  • Does not contain chicken or poultry
  • Can be mixed with fresh meat.

Shelf life of Farm Food HE

Farm Food HE Gluten-free - 2kg, 4kg and 12kg: Packaged within a protected atmosphere, the shelf life of this food in a sealed, unopened bag is 18 months after production date. After opening the sealed bag, this food expires after 3 months. The food of Farm Food needs oxygen after opening to keep fresh, so do not store this food in a sealed plastic barrel. It's best to use the Farm Food Storage Bag, in which you can keep the food in its original packaging.

Farm Food HE Gluten-free - 15kg: This food is packaged in paper and has a shelf life of 6 months after production date, either opened or unopened. Because paper bags ventilate oxygen and Farm Food does not include any preservatives or artificial antioxidants, the food cannot be fed after 6 months from the production date.

Please note: Farm Food is sourced from Dutch suppliers. The expiry date is therefore listed on the bags as THT.


Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil: Released maize, haemoglobin powder, released wheat, released rice, meat meal, beef fat, whey powder, beer yeast, herbal fibres, cold pressed sunflower oil, minerals, 1% Scottish salmon oil, lecithin, insulin, vitamins and trace elements.

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Great dog food
By , 08 January 2019

I have tried a few dog foods with my 9 month old puppy before I discovered farmfood. She was quite sensitive and I wanted to make sure she was getting good quality food but at a good price. I can tell my dog loves this food, she leaps in the air at meal times and literally salivates to the point of dribbling. She is in great condition and her coat is so shiny. Would definitely recommend.

Top marks
By , 03 November 2018

My dog absolutely loves this food, and visibly salivates as I put it in her bowl. Constantly asking g me for more! Coat is so shiny and she seems in the peak of health.

Great product
By , 22 May 2018

I've been feeding my dog on this food for about 7 months, his digestive system has improved and his coat lovely thick and glossy.Very pleased with speed of delivery

farmfood he salmon fishoil
By , 22 February 2018

geat food grain free and no additives dog loves it

Good product and good delivery
By , 19 January 2018


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