Feliway Classic
Feliway Classic
Feliway Classic

Feliway Classic

Feliway Classic is a unique product for stopping unwanted cat behaviour and especially suitable for multi-cat households. It can be used to treat an area up to 70m².

Feliway Classic Starter Kit - 48ml
  • Feliway Classic Starter Kit - 48ml


  • Feliway Classic Refill - 48ml


  • Feliway Classic Refill Economy Pack - 2 x 48ml


  • Feliway Classic Refill Economy Pack - 3 x 48ml


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Product Description

Familiar environment

Every cat owner will know that cats rubs their heads against objects in their environment, such as the sofa, a cupboard, or a table leg. This behaviour has a purpose: the cat is spreading its pheromones, which it uses to mark its territory as safe and secure. For example, when a cat is ill or stressed, it may stop spreading these pheromones. As a result, the cat will no longer feel safe and secure, which can lead to unwanted behaviour.

What does Feliway Classic do?

Feliway is an artificial imitation of the comforting pheromones which cats normally spread themselves. Because of these unique properties, Feliway can help create a safe environment for your cat. As a result, anxiety and stress-related cat behaviour, such as spraying and peeing in the house, aggressive and restless behaviour can start to reduce or even go away entirely. Cats are very susceptible to changes to their environment, more so than dogs. Feliway can help to make your cat feel more receptive to change, whether it's a trip to the vet, fireworks, getting used to a new home or introducing a new pet or family member.

Feliway Classic Diffuser, 'Spraying becomes purring and scratching becomes cuddling!'

The Feliway diffuser is a plug-in bottle that should be installed in a plug socket. This product looks just like commonly used air fresheners and diffusers. The Feliway Spray is ideal for local use (outside the house), whereas the Feliway Diffuser is suitable for indoor use in areas up to 70m². The diffuser is therefore ideally suited for households with several cats. The diffuser can be purchased once and can then be refilled several times using the Feliway Classic Refill. A (refill) bottle of 48 ml contains enough liquid to be used continuously for about 1 month.

Advice for use

  1. One Feliway Classic Diffuser is suitable for spaces up to a maximum of 70m². If your cat uses multiple rooms, a diffuser should be placed in each room.
  2. For optimum use, the manufacturer recommends the diffuser not be installed in a socket under furniture as the vapour will not have enough space to spread out and may stain any objects above the diffuser. The Feliway Diffuser does not work optimally if plugged into an extension cord. It is recommended to leave the second power socket free when using a double wall socket.
  3. It is generally recommended to use Feliway for at least four continuous weeks in order to reliably determine its effectiveness. The diffuser will be fully effective after the first 24 hours.


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By , 18 February 2019

My cats used to mark their territories inside the house everywhere. Thanks to Feliway this is a thing of the past.

feliway diffuser classic
By , 28 January 2019

I used to have 3 stressed cats which scratch at anything they could get their paws on. Thanks to Feliway my cats are now much calmer. Great product!!!

good use feliway
By , 23 January 2019


no more stressed cats
By , 14 January 2019

Works very well as my cat stopped peeing and scratching around the house. Would recommend for any cat owner as this has been a real help.

Feliway classic
By , 19 December 2018

Cat was peeing on my couch and used this feliway vaporiser. She's doing much better now :)

good product for my cat
By , 11 December 2018

Cat was hiding in a corner. After using felliway she showed herself again.

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