Feliway Friends
Feliway Friends

Feliway Friends

The Feliway Friends diffuser helps reduce tension and conflicts between cats to restore the balance within the home. The diffuser emits a pheromone that can help avoid conflicts.

Feliway Friends Refill Economy Pack - 2 x 48ml
  • Feliway Friends Starter kit - 48ml


  • Feliway Friends Refill - 48ml


  • Feliway Friends Refill Economy Pack - 2 x 48ml


  • Feliway Friends Refill Economy Pack - 3 x 48ml


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Product Description

Feliway Friends, 'Fighters become friends!'

The Feliway Friends diffuser is developed specifically for households with more than one cat. The diffuser emits an odourless pheromone: the Cat Appeasing Pheromone (CAP). This pheromone is naturally produced by a nursing mother to make her kittens feel safe and secure, and to promote a bond between them. Feliway Friends helps reduce tension between cats and restores the balance in multi-cat households. The starter kit contains a diffuser and a refill. Refills can also be bought separately. The Feliway Friends and the Feliway Classic can be used simultaneously when you notice that your cats display other behavioural problems as well, such as urinating in the house, fear and scratching.

When to use

Feliway Friends can be effective in cases of:

  • Staring
  • Blocking
  • Fighting
  • Chasing/being chased
  • Conflicts with and without urine spraying

How to use

  • One Feliway Friends diffuser can be used for the treatment of one area of max. 70 m². When the cats occupy more than one room, there needs to be a diffuser in all rooms. It is recommended that this product is used for 3 to 4 weeks for optimal results.
  • To achieve optimal performance the manufacturer recommends to not place the diffuser in a socket under shelves or behind doors, curtains or furniture.
  • Please note: This item has a 2-pin plug, but comes with a UK 3-pin adaptor.

  • The 48 ml refill is enough for approximately 30 days. The sticker on the bottle tells you when it has to be replaced.

Contents Starter kit

Diffuser and 48 ml refill. This kit will last approximately 30 days.


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Write a Review
Worked well enough for me
By , 07 December 2018

The behaviour of the cats has improved. Less fights, but they didn't become buddies either, unfortunately.

Good so far
By , 15 March 2018

I adopted a two cats that were supposed to be a 'pair' but one bullies the other. I started using this a month ago to see if it will ease the antagonism between the pair. So far it is making things a little better.

Excellent service
By , 27 December 2017

Just what we ordered. Arrived on time. Well packaged, Well priced. What more could I ask?!

Keeps the peace
By , 09 December 2017

Very good price, arrived quickly and safely. This really has helped ease tensions between cats new to each other. It may not be easy to tell if it has an impact except when it runs out!

Feliway Friends as useless as Feliway
By , 20 October 2017

Used both Feliway and the Friends variant over many months in multiple rooms at a time and both are as useless as the other. No effect on my two sibling cats behavior whatsoever. A very expensive waste of money.

3 Grouchy Cats
By , 20 October 2017

Quite often think it has little effect - until I run out then I know it does. Just think my cats enjoy squabbling!

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