Feliway Spray
Feliway Spray

Feliway Spray

Feliway Spray is a unique product for the targeted treatment of specific places to stop undesirable behaviour in cats. The spray is also ideal for use on trips or in places where the Feliway Diffuser cannot be used, such as in the car or travel basket.

Feliway Spray - 20ml
  • Feliway Spray - 20ml


  • Feliway Spray - 60ml


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Product Description

Safe and Secure

When a cat feels at ease, it rubs its head against objects in its environment, like furniture. In doing this, the cat spreads a pheromone, which it uses to mark its environment as safe and secure. The cat will eventually create an environment where it feels comfortable and familiar. In certain circumstances, such as during stress or illness, cats can stop marking their environment. When the pheromones are missing, the feeling of unrest increases, and this can lead to unwanted behaviour.

What is Feliway?

Feliway is a synthetic copy of the reassuring pheromone naturally spread by cats. Feliway can help to create a safe, familiar environment for your cat, preventing unwanted behaviour such as stress, spraying, and aggression. Cats are sensitive to changes in their environment. Feliway may be the solution for stress caused by visits to the vet, fireworks, moving home, introducing a new family member, or changing the furniture around.

Too much stress can cause a variety of symptoms in a cats, such as urinary tract infections, skin complaints, spraying, peeing in the house, decreased appetite and aggressive behaviour.

Feliway Spray, 'Spraying becomes purring and scratching becomes cuddling!'

Feliway Spray is ideal for use in specific indoor locations and in places where the Feliway Diffuser cannot be used, such as in the car, travel basket or at the vet. Feliway Spray can be used in addition to the diffuser, or where additional treatment is desired, such as in the litter box or around the cat flap. Even if your cat scratches or sprays, Feliway Spray can help. Spray the area where the cat scratches or sprays (after thorough cleaning!) once a day with 6 doses of spray for at least one month, or until the cat begins to mark the area with its head. For additional support, you can plug a diffuser into a socket.


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Not sure yet!
By , 07 December 2020

Maybe my cat isn't distressed enough to benefit from this product. He's extremely nervous but only of very specific things - strangers coming to the house - especially men - anyone entering a room carrying a cloth or plastic bag - loud noises - so unpredictable. He's very relaxed and friendly with me. I've tried spraying it in various often-used places and he has sort of noticed it but I haven't seen it affect this behaviour. Will continue to experiment.

Feliway spray
By , 07 February 2019

Product satisfactory. Seems to have the Desired effect. Cat much calmer now.

good spray to use for anxious cats
By , 19 December 2018

Cat used to be very anxious and pee inside the house... luckily this product helped and it's a thing of the past.

Worked brilliantly on the sofa
By , 07 December 2018

My cat constantly put his nails in the sofa, despite the fact that there is a scratching post in the same spot. I decided to buy a vial of Feliway Spray to treat the sofa and some other furniture with, and then see what would happen. I sprayed a part of the sofa, and guess what? That little boy of mine never puts his nails in it again, and his attention has shifted to the scratching post Unfortunately I dropped the vial in the kitchen..... So I want to buy a replacement to treat the rest of the sofa and some other chairs, in which he sometimes puts his nails, and then I think the problem is over. Lovely product and therefore 5 stars from me!

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