Dog Hygiene Pants & Incontinence Pants

Incontinence and dogs in season can lead to urine or blood stains appearing around your house and possibly even ruining furniture and rugs. Fortunately, Vetsend has a selection of diapers, nappies, wraps and belly bands to help avoid this. You can use diapers or nappies for bitches that are in season or a belly band or wrap for male dogs that suffer from incontinence.

Dog Nappies & Diapers

The dog nappies are designed with comfort in mind as they have an opening for the tail and elastic around the legs and hips, so they will fit your dog's body.

Dog Belly Bands & Wraps

The Trixie Belly Band is a washable dog wrap that can be used for incontinent male dogs. The wrap is washable and also helps avoid infections of the sex organ.

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