Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

This Labrador hunting dog loves to fetch water birds. He is a real swimmer, likes to retrieve and uses his intelligence to please people. The Labrador has a great will to please its owner.

Breed description Labrador Retriever

Breed origin: Canadian island of Newfoundland, Lab, Labrador

Other breed names: Labrador St. John's Dog


Full yellow, black or chestnut brown (liver/ chocolate colour). The yellow ranges from light cream to rosy (fox). A small white spot on the chest is allowed in the breed line.

Physical features


Powerful. Round body shapes. Powerful, dry neck. Broad, deep chest with well arched ribs. Loin short, broad and strong.

Average weight

The average weight of the dog is between 25 and 30 kg.

Height at withers

Male: 56 to 57 cm. Female: 54 to 56 cm.

Approach to training

The training of a Labrador Retriever is not very complicated. The curious four-legged friend has an enormous desire to make people happy. So even though the Labrador Retriever is used as a hunting dog, his sweet character makes him unsuitable as a guard dog, for example; he is friendly to strangers and can easily be distracted. At the same time he can also be stubborn and turbulent. All the more reason to give enough attention to the upbringing of your Labrador Retriever, and thus to ensure a good relationship with your dog.

Common symptoms

  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

Dog sports

The Labrador Retriever is very suitable for hunting sports. It is very active and mobile so it is excellent for hunting. Also, sports such as doggy diving can be practiced with a Labrador because of his enthusiasm for water.

Labrador Retriever suitable for owners who are looking for:

  • A large dog
  • A friendly dog
  • A child-friendly dog
  • Practising hunting sports with their dogs
  • Active long walks

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