MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves
MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves
MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves

MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves

The Hind Leg Sleeves from Medical Pet Shirt are protective sleeves for your dog's back legs. These sleeves contribute to the prevention of licking, biting or scratching wounds on your dog's leg, helping to speed up recovery.

MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves - XL
  • MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves - XXS


  • MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves - XS


  • MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves - S


  • MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves - M


  • MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves - L


  • MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves - XL


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Product Description

MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves

The Hind Leg Sleeves by Medical Pet Shirt offer a great solution for dogs that have just had surgery, dogs that suffer from skin disease or dogs with sensitive skin. The sleeves help prevent licking, scratching or biting of the skin on your pet's rear legs. This helps speed up recovery of the skin. It also helps prevent new sore spots that may appear as a result of biting or scratching. One MPS-HLS set includes two separate hind leg sleeves that can be attached to each other using a strap that extends below your dog's tail. The sleeves can only be used in combination with MPS-TOP Shirt 4 in 1. This shirt has loops in the back that allows you to fasten the sleeves, making sure they stay in place. To protect your dog's, cat's or rabbit's torso, various Medical Pet Shirts are available. If your dog needs sleeves for their front legs, you can find those here: single front leg sleeve or double front leg sleeves.

Key features

  • Protection of wounds and bandages on the hind legs
  • Minimises injury to the skin due to scratching, licking or biting
  • Promotes faster healing as medication cannot be licked off of the skin
  • Washable at 30'C


It's important to know how to measure your pet properly to ensure that you purchase the right size. The How to determine the right size for my pet article offers insight and tips on the best way to do this!

Please note The sizes below are measured on the inside of the dog's leg.

What size does my dog need?
SizeSleeve length
XXS10 cm
XS14 cm
S20 cm
M26 cm
L32 cm
XL37 cm

What if the MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves don't fit?

The MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves can be removed from the packaging and held up next to your dog in order to check whether they fit. For hygiene reasons, the MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves cannot be returned if they have come into contact with your dog. If we find that the returned sleeves are stained, worn, contain dog hair, smell or have been washed after use, we cannot return the product to you. In this event, it will be donated to a charity (local shelter). As we are often confronted with products that are returned in a less than new condition, we have to apply these rules for returning products.

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Does the job, but...
By , 21 July 2021

The back leg sleeves work very well to stop my dog from licking her wound. However, the shirt is needed to keep the leg sleeves on and we are in a heatwave. The dog is too hot with the shirt on, so it all has to come off and we go back to collars and vetwrapping. What would make huge improvements is to use a lighter colour material which doesn't absorb so much heat from the sun. Also, how about having a harness for the leg sleeves to attach to, so that the thick covering shirt is not required. It's a bit overkill to have to put the whole set on for a back leg wound, and expensive too!

2 piece protective outfit
By , 20 October 2020

No instructions with this, all well packaged with a picture but no instructions on how to put the body to the 2 leg pieces. I had to search on-line for detailed instructions. At £53 it's pretty expensive and so I would have expected instructions with it. Its quite complicated and trying to fit it onto an active springer with a TPLO surgery was a nightmare. I gave up the first day and had another try the following day. I have had a body before in this brand when she was spayed and that was perfect.

Could be good
By , 22 September 2020

Bought for our German Shepard with pyoderma hoping to get her cone off for a while, didn’t realise that you need the coat for it to stay up as it wasn’t stated anywhere. Also came up a bit small even after measuring.

This has been a lifesaver!
By , 30 April 2019

These hind leg sleeves (and the corresponding hind top shirt) have been a lifesaver. My dog, Bryn recently had surgery to break and reset her hind leg and the buster collar was useless - she could rest her back leg in the collar while licking! This little outfit - nicknamed her supersuit has kept the leg dry and actually offered some support while she has recovered. I've given it 4 stars and not 5 because the only thing that lets it down is the velcro - after a few days it wouldn't stick (both on the top and the legs). We ended up using sports tap to keep the outfit together.

By , 22 November 2017

The sleeve did everything that I wanted of it but no one told me that you needed the body suit to attach to the leg sleeves. Apparently the body suit keeps it up.

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