Natural Dog Food

Certified natural dog food

In order for a dog food manufacturer to be able to call their products organic, they are required meet EU requirements. EU law requires an independent awarding body to certify all foodstuffs labelled as organic. In the UK there is more than one awarding body for organic producers.

Most of our natural dog food and organic dog food is certified by Skal Biocontrole. This is an independent control authority assigned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which is dedicated to proving the reliability of organic products in the Netherlands. A product may only be called organic if the production process meets certain legal regulations. These rules are determined by the European government. More than 3600 organic entrepreneurs in the Netherlands must comply with these regulations. Skal does this by inspecting certified businesses at least once a year and by carrying out random inspections. As a consumer, you can be sure that the natural dog food you buy is really organic.

Selecting natural dog food with an organic label ensures that there are no additional chemicals added, that it was not genetically manipulated and the welfare of livestock used in the food supply is protected. Popular organic dog food brands that are available at Vetsend are: Specific, Yarrah and Edgard and Cooper.

Organic dog food is produced

  • With respect for nature
  • With respect for animals
  • Without the use of pesticides
  • Without fertiliser
  • Under strict control of supervisor Skal

Popular natural dog food brands

At Vetsend you will find different kinds of organic and natural dog food, wet food and natural dog treats with the certification of Skal. Because we are always on the lookout for new brand to add, you will be sure that there is something in our range that your dog will love!


Yarrah offers a wide range of organic dog food. Since 1992, the company has only worked with animals, including chickens, turkeys and cattle, that have had a pleasant life. Yarrah's dog food is prepared with 100% organic ingredients and is extra tasty and healthy!


Schesir is a company with some 30 years of experience in the animal feed production sector. All products made by Schesir consist of 100% organic products. Schesir considers it important that the products they make are produced in an environmentally and animal-friendly manner. Did you know that all the ingredients used in Schesir dog food are of the same quality as ingredients used for human consumption?

Other brands

Brands such as Almo Nature, Edgard & Cooper, OrganicVet and Specific also have responsible, organic meals for your four-legged friend. Introduce your dog to OrganicVet Dog BioVet - Mix - Tins. This special mix comes in three different flavours, including organic beef, chicken and turkey.

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