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Apart from the original Classics, Holistics and Daily Menu’s, Almo Nature also introduced four new diets in 2011: Rouge, Green, Azul and Orange

Natural products and 100% cruelty-free

Almo Nature believes that products shouldn’t be tested on animals. After all, food should feed and not make ill. That’s why the food is 100% cruelty-free and does not contain any artificial preservatives, colouring and/or other additives. Love for animals is the most important thing! Almo Nature is also doing research on creating packaging that can be recycled. Together with other brands and companies, they’re trying to create a packaging that keeps the food fresh longer while also contributing to a healthy environment. On top of all that, Almo Nature keeps pets in mind whenever they’re developing a new food. This way the food will always meet the needs of the specific pet!

Food for dogs and cats

Almo Nature’s first priority is providing high-quality food to all companion animals. Their main focus is on producing cat and dog food, with many of the diets being organic and free of gluten and grains. Vetsend sells various flavours of this wet and dry food from daily menus to bio organic food.

High quality

Almo Nature uses food that’s HFC – this means using high-quality ingredients and using meat or fish that was originally fit for human consumption. On our website you can find various flavours and variants of the HFC diets, like Almo Nature – Dog – HFC 70 Alternative and Almo Nature – Cat – HFC 70 Alternative.

Puppies & kittens

Of course Almo Nature hasn’t forgotten food for puppies and kittens. There are special recipes that meet the nutritional needs of your puppy and kittens, making sure that the food is free of preservatives and artificial flavours and colours. Get your young buddy the special diets to help him or her grow up into a healthy adult dog or cat!

Cat Litter

Almo Nature has also introduced innovative products that contribute to a healthy environment, like bio-organic cat litter. This litter is made with organic materials and doesn’t contain any chemical components. You will only need 500g of this cat litter to keep your cat’s litter box clean for a week!