Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff
Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff

Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff

Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff is an innovation in the fight against bad breath. It also improves the condition of gums and teeth in dogs and cats.

Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff - 180g
  • Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff - 40g


  • Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff - 180g


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Product Description

Oral and dental care

When a dog or cat's teeth are neglected, they can lose teeth. What's worse, dental problems can have an adverse effect on your dog's health. Plaque is a barely visible layer that constantly forms on the teeth. It consists of food particles, mucus and bacteria. If it is not removed, plaque turns into tartar. You can help your pet by removing plaque, but tartar can only be removed by your veterinarian.

Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff

Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff is an innovation in the area of improving bad breath and keeping dogs' and cats' teeth and gums healthy. Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff helps to prevent the plaque from sticking and lifts off the sticky layer. You should see an improvement in the condition of your dog or cat's oral and dental hygiene after a few weeks of treatment.


Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff prevents plaque from forming on the teeth and reduces the effect of existing plaque. Improvements can be noticeable after three weeks of treatment: bad breath disappears and the condition of the gums improves. This is the first sign of improving oral and dental hygiene in your dog or cat. While using Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff, it is helpful to give your dog Orozyme RF2 Sticks every day or every other day. The chews will soften plaque, which helps to remove it.

100% natural

Orozyme Bucco Fresh PlaqueOff is a 100% natural supplement made from a special type of algae. The ground powder is easy to add to dry or wet food. The powder has a very low calorie content, making it suitable for cats that are overweight. The strips are low in calories: Small 28 kcal, Medium 35 kcal and Large 53 kcal.

Cat½ scoop per day
Dog up to 10kg½ scoop per day. Tub of 40 g can be used for 8 months
Dogs over 10 kg1 scoop per day. Tub of 40 g can be used for 4 months
Product ID: 944
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description in dutch
By , 15 February 2019

description in dutch but all in all good product to use for dental plaque in dogs

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