Orozyme RF2 Aquadyl

Orozyme RF2 Aquadyl

Orozyme RF2 Aquadyl is a tasty anti-plaque liquid for your cat or dog's drinking water.

Orozyme RF2 Aquadyl - 250ml
  • Orozyme RF2 Aquadyl - 250ml


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Product Description

Orozyme RF2 Aquadyl

Orozyme RF2 Aquadyl is a tasty anti-plaque liquid for the drinking water of your cat of dog.

Many dogs and cats suffer from plaque formation. Most dental cleaners operate in a mechanical (e.g. brushing), enzymatical or antibacterial way.


RF2 is an ingredient that significantly reduces the formation of dental plaque (biofilm). Mechanical and antibacterial methods remove plaque just fine, but they are not preventative and plaque can build up quickly in the short term. As well as this, the antibacterial method can also affect the natural balance of the oral flora normally present so that new plaque formation occurs even faster.

Plaque formation is reduced

Orozyme RF2 ensures that the bacterial oral flora is still present, but can no longer form dental plaque. Because the natural balance of oral flora does not change, and low concentrations of RF2 are sufficient, dental plaque formation is constantly being reduced.

Orozyme RF2 is available in 3 different products:

  • Orozyme RF2 Aquadyl: tasty anti-plaque fluid for use in drinking water
  • Orozyme RF2 Sticks: in addition to the active RF2, they also a mechanically abrasive effect


Aquadyl is a tasty anti-plaque liquid for use in the drinking water of your dog or cat. Containing RF2, the natural anti-plaque component that ensures bacteria cannot form dental plaque, it also prevents bad breath. A very user-friendly product, it can be added to daily to drinking water.


  • Dog <10kg: 5 ml Aquadyl with 500 ml of fresh drinking water
  • Dog > 10kg: 10 ml Aquadyl with 1L of fresh drinking water
  • Cat: 5 ml Aquadyl with 500 ml of fresh drinking water.

For best results, use Orozyme RF2 Aquadyl as part of a complete dental care programme.

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