> Our top 5 pet food brands

Our top 5 pet food brands

Our top 5 pet food brands

Are you the happy owner of a new pet? Congratulations! However, you might have realised that there are a lot of different pet foods out there. It might feel a bit overwhelming. Or maybe you are looking to switch to another brand? In this article, we’ll highlight our 5 top pet food brands with all their benefits to help you decide on your pet’s next food!

Royal Canin

Royal Canin was founded in 1968 by the French veterinarian Jean Cathary. He regularly treated dogs with skin problems because of food allergies. He realised he wanted to do something about this and started to develop hypoallergenic dog food. This was the beginning of Royal Canin! Royal Canin’s realises that every dog and cat is unique, and has different nutritional needs. That is why their assortment is large, and they have many different ranges of food. There is food based on your pet’s breed, age, medical condition, size and even a combination of these. There is a lot to discover!

There are a few points that stand out when looking at Royal Canin's Cat Food, such as:

  • Extensive research into the diets of cats and dogs. Food is tailored to the nutritional needs of canines and felines.
  • Innovative state-of-the-art food safety and control systems to guarantee the best for your pet.
  • Partners with well-known suppliers resulting in a rigorous and thorough screening of all ingredients.
  • Monthly quality checks for harmful bacteria, chemicals, and other toxins.

Click here if you want to learn more about Royal Canin Cat Food, and click here if you want to learn more about Royal Canin Dog Food.


In 1939, Dr Mark Morris started formulating food under the belief that optimal nutrition was key to pet health. For almost a century, Hill's has been at the forefront of developing exceptional nutritional health plans for pets with certain care needs as well as high quality everyday food that is bursting with nutrients. Hill’s has developed 3 different ranges:

Hill’s Prescription Diet Food

This range includes a vast selection of products that have been developed to help with a wide range of common ailments.

Hill’s Science Plan

This range has been formulated to meet the needs of your cat or dog according to their stage of life, their size, lifestyle and care needs.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Food

This range is an everyday pet food option that includes wet and dry options, making it easy to find the right food for your pet's preference. It includes key nutrients to help support the general health, skin, coat, digestion and immune system.


Since 1969, Eukanuba has sought to provide your beloved pets with the best nutrition they need to retain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eukanuba has a few important advantages over other regular food. This makes the brand one of the most popular choices in the market today.

  • High-quality animal protein is used in all ranges. Your pet will have a fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy gums, with reduced tartar build-up.
  • Your animal is provided with a scientific carbohydrate blend, providing day long energy.
  • Your dog or cat receives a shiny coat and healthy skin, thanks to the correct level and ratios of omega 3, omega 6 and fatty acids.
  • Essential nutrients like calcium and fatty acids promote healthy bone growth and joints.

Eukanuba only uses high-quality animal protein that is fit for human consumption and all ingredients are carefully sourced and get over 120 quality checks. These inspections are done by independent experts in the field, and Eukanuba can trace all their ingredients back to the source. Their factories run on at least 25% of energy that has been generated by their wind turbines.


Another popular brand in the UK is Applaws. Free of artificial colours, flavours, grain and free of preservatives. At least 75% of Applaws' wet and dry food consists of fresh fish or fresh meat which are formed from muscle tissue. As a result, the food is full of important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Its natural simplicity is the reason why Applaws food is so healthy for your dog or cat. The food’s colour might change during the year, as they only use fresh, local ingredients made in small batches.

Applaws' values:

  • Applaws never promises to use cheap or unnecessary additives to fill your pet's food
  • Applaws promises to use only the best pieces of breast meat or fish fillet in cans, tins, jars and pouches
  • Applaws promises to use only the highest level and quality of animal proteins
  • Applaws promises to use only 100% natural ingredients for your pet's food


Virbac was set up in 1968 near Nice in France, by veterinarian Pierre Richard Dick. Virbac has grown into one of the largest companies for companion animal well being. With a track record of wonderful medical advances and products developed for vets as well as animal owners, this company's reputation is second to none. Science driven and thorough, all Virbac's products are packaged for optimum efficiency. No matter what type of canine or feline, there's a large range of medical and dietary care products to discover which will keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

There are many products for dogs and cats in Vibrac’s range. Their more popular range is the Veterinary HPM. This food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. It’s free from gluten, wheat, maize, soya, egg, dairy, beef and lamb. Instead, it uses high-quality pork and poultry of European origin.

Virbac doesn’t just sell food. Their range extends to different supplements, shampoos and toothpaste that help to keep your pet happy.

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