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Virbac was set up in 1968 near Nice in France, by veterinarian Pierre Richard Dick. Virbac has grown into one of the largest companies for companion animal well being. With a track record of wonderful medical advances and products developed for vets as well as animal owners, this company’s reputation is second to none. Here you will find expert care for all your pets. The range of items and tailored products is astounding, especially for canines and kitties.

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Scientifically designed diets

Science driven and thorough, all Virbac’s products are packaged for optimum efficiency. However, they are all backed by the passion Virbac has for our companion animals. No matter what type of canine or feline, there’s a large range of medical and dietary care products to discover which will keep your furry friends happy and healthy. Read on to discover more about this results driven range of products.

Virbac for Dogs

Virbac offers top quality products which are effective for all your pooch’s health needs. From vitamins to worming paste, and shampoo to flea medication, all the products are clearly packaged and user friendly. Virbac also offers a wide range of food for your dog no matter what size or breed. The range comes in three types: puppy, adult and senior dog food. Then there are three kinds of dry dog food, each tailored to a particular size. All you have to do is match the size and age, and you’re sure to get just the right blend for your dog. Containing high quality ingredients, there’s no better way to help ensure that your pet gets all the nutrients it needs for a long and lively life. Do you have a neutered dog? Then have a look at Virbac’s Veterinary HPM – Adult Large & Medium – Neutered Dog and Veterinary HPM – Adult Small & Toy – Neutered Dog.

Virbac for Cats

Whether you have a Persian or an every day tabby, Virbac has the right cat food. An expert balance of nutrients designed to keep your pet in perfect purring condition, the dry food also comes in varieties for neutered felines. With varieties for kittens, adults and mature felines, every need is catered for. Should your feline have just given birth to adorable kittens, you can order the Nutri Plus Gel which is full of extra vitamins and minerals to boost their health.

Virbac offers more than just food!

Virbac offers toothpaste for cats and dogs, which will help your pet to maintain the health of your feline’s or canine’s teeth. The C.E.T. toothpaste helps to prevent plaque, tartar build-up and bad breath. Then there’s Megaderm. This is a nutrient rich liquid full of amino acids and extracts which will help maintain your pet’s health and a beautiful coat. Lastly, you could have a look at Telizen, which is a supplement designed to calm dogs and cats in times of stress, such as Bonfire Night or New Year’s Eve.

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