The PeeWee system is designed with hygiene and sustainability in mind. It combines a unique 2 layered litter tray, and 100% biodegradable and renewable Swedish Spruce sawdust compressed into wooden pellets. When your cat urinates on the pellets, 90% of the urine falls through holes to the bottom layer and the remaining substance is absorbed by the pellets. This turns to sawdust, which falls through the holes to the lower box when your cat scratches. This system absorbs smells and keeps their paws free of sand and dust helping to keep your house smelling fresh.

PeeWee Stylish Double Tray System

The PeeWee system comes in a range of sizes and designs, in various neutral colours that will compliment your home. Choose a stylish cat litter tray to suit any size and breed. PeeWee offers both open trays and hooded, enclosed boxes. The PeeWee toilet boxes all work in the same way. They comprise of a bottom section to catch the sawdust, and top section and sieve where your pet does its business. The top is kept free of urine, which all falls through to the bottom or gets soaked up. This means there is far less waste, and there isn't the smell associated with other feline toilet systems.

How to use the PeeWee system

You load the bottom box with a handful of PeeWee compressed wood bits and place the upper section on the top. Add a 2cm layer to this upper section, over the sieve. Remove the solid waste daily to maintain cleanliness. The majority of the urine will disappear through the top holes into the bottom catchment container. The rest of the urine will be absorbed by the compressed sawdust fragments in the top. These will crumble into sawdust and will fall through to the bottom when your cat scratches at them and is emptied when it becomes full. The bottom container will continue to absorb smells as long as the sawdust is present. It is easy to clean out in to the garbage, with no muddy clumps. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials or sponges on the trays, as this will cause bacteria to develop in the scratches made.

PeeWee wood pellets

The wooden PeeWee particles are compromised from Swedish Spruce and are 100% biodegradable and sustainable. They are safe to pets and humans. No chemicals, glues, scents, leaves or bark are included in the process. The sawdust left in the bottom trap absorbs unwanted ammonia smells and leaves a fresh pine smell. There is no harmful dust given off with this system which could cause breathing problems, making them safe to use. The sawdust falls through the sieve to the bottom, leaving their paws clean and dry, and your house free of litter-clogged paw marks. It is only the waste sawdust that falls through to the bottom, meaning that the litter lasts longer than normal. It is highly absorbent, for both moisture and smell. PeeWee pellets are a by-product of the wood industry, making them renewable and compostable.

Other PeeWee Products

Also available are carbon filters that absorb even more odours from the cat litter box. They are especially cut to fit the range of PeeWee litter trays and boxes. There is also a PeeWee scoop available that removes poo from the top tray without picking up too any pellets. The PeeWee system offers a stylish, environmental friendly and safe solution to your cat's toilets needs.

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