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PeeWee Wood Pellets

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  • Product Description

    PeeWee Wood Pellets

    PeeWee wood pellets are made from the sawdust of the Swedish spruce, and are 100% biodegradable. These pellets are highly absorbent and have a fresh pine scent. These pellets do not contain any processed leaves or bark, and nothing is added during the production process.

    The PeeWee wood pellets are formulated for use in combination with the PeeWee litter trays. Only a 2 cm layer is necessary, so a bag of 14 litres will last about 4 months!


    • First place a handful of cat litter in the bottom tray.
    • Then fill the bottom tray with a 2 cm layer of pellets.
    • Remove any excrement daily to keep the pellets clean.
    • Empty the bottom tray when it is almost full (about once per week), the more sawdust is in it, the better it will absorb any smells.
    • Do not use an abrasive sponge to clean the bottom tray, as they cause small scratches that can be a hotbed for bacteria.

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PeeWee Wood Pellets reviews
  • great cat litter, and compostable
    By Stephen, Thursday 8 February 2024

    this is a great litter when used in the tray designed for it. the pellets break down into saw dust when they get wet from cat pee, and drop through the mesh holes to the catching area below. solids are easily scooped out too. empty the saw dust into a biodegradable bag, then it'll all breakdown in landfill. there is very little smell from the tray, too

  • Great Product
    By Maggie, Sunday 17 December 2023

    Brought this item on a recommendations and I'm very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it.

  • Pee Wee Wood Pellets
    By Margaret Parker, Tuesday 28 November 2023

    Used this product for a number of years now and have a multi cat household. Product is economical to use and absorbs odour. The whole Pee Wee System is excellent

  • The best litter I have found
    By Karen Cox, Thursday 10 August 2023

    I have tried many different cat litters but this is the only one that is almost totally odorless. It works really well with the PeeWee sieve cat litter box. The pellets turn to dust when wet and fall through the the bottom tray, the dust soaks up the urine and odour. It is more expensive than other litters but I only change the whole tray once a month. In my opinion this is the best litter on the market and worth paying the extra. I do not use any other litter and very thankful that I can buy it in the UK.

  • Pee Wee cat litter
    By Emily, Friday 17 March 2023

    I tried the alternatives and wouldn't use anything else - excellent product.