Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead
Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead
Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead
Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead
Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead

Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead

The Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead is unique and specially designed by a team of veterinarians and dentists.

Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead - Small
  • Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead - Small


  • Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead - Medium


  • Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead - Large


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Product Description

Dental care:

When a dog's teeth are neglected, it may lose teeth and even molars. What is even worse is that dental problems may affect your dog's health. Dental plaque is a barely visible film that is constantly forming on your dog's teeth. It is made up of food, mucous and bacteria. If it is not removed, the plaque becomes tartar. You can help remove plaque yourself, but tartar can only be removed by your veterinarian.

Petosan Toothbrush Twinhead:

The Twinhead toothbrush from Petosan is easy to use and does not damage the gums. With this brush you can also clean the inside and outside of the teeth.

Brushing instructions

The dog's mouth does not have to be open all the way in order to brush their teeth. In most cases, you can just lift up the lip to clean all visible areas on the outside of the teeth. The dog will clean the insides of the teeth themselves using their tongues. A number of teeth and molar at the top grind against parts of the teeth and molars at the bottom. The more often you brush, the quicker your dog becomes used to it and the better it is for your pet's teeth. You do not need to brush more than once or twice a week in order to prevent tartar.


  • Small: for dogs up to 6 kg.
  • Medium: for dogs from 7-15 kg.
  • Large: for dogs over 16 kg.
Product ID: 735
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Very good
By , 30 December 2016

Very good very small brush head which I wanted to brush my cat's teeth. Being young when I started he accepts brushing quite well which is an important part of looking after an animal. Brush could be used on small dog also. Bristles perfect not too hard or too soft. Easy to hold. Handle easy to grip.

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